BYD Hanchao appeared, and Audi designers personally built it, only 2.9 seconds for 100 kilometers!

In recent years, the leading position in the China market has never been shaken, and its "Dynasty" series models have their own selling points. At present, it has formed four major sales forces in Qin, Tang, Song and Yuan Dynasties.

"Qin", the biggest highlight is that 5.9 seconds. When everyone was still amazed, they introduced "Tang" and the highlight became 4.9 seconds. Then, "Han" turned the bright spot into 2.9 seconds. The "Han" supercar, which has been stranded for two years, will be launched again after the designer joins.

"Han" is actually the last model in the 542 project, which includes, cars, cars and cars, among which the first three models have been built. As the last finale, Han is of great significance to us. It can be seen from the model being reconstructed that the brand-new Chinese and basic modeling have been determined.

The shape of the whole vehicle is very fierce, and the headlights are linear. In order to get more air intake, the front air intake grille is designed to be larger than the ordinary model, which is similar to the kidney air intake grille, but Han is more domineering.

Many people say that the current appearance is not worthy of its power, because the power synthesis is the most powerful and powerful domestic car!

The new car will be equipped with a plug-in hybrid system and adopted. The car takes only 2.9 seconds from 0 to 100 kilometers, which is far more than GT-R R35 and other models, and the price is less than one tenth of these models, which is another black technology.

In addition, Han can also prevent high-speed rollover, even if two cars burst, it can run normally, because this car uses the principle of balance car to keep the car in a safe state!

In the future, it will invest 5 billion yuan to continue to deepen in the field. We have combed the brand plan in a large space, and the investment of 5 billion yuan can also show the importance attached to the future dynasty series models.

Our product line is developing at the same time with the increasing popularity of car purchase in China. For the brand itself, this is an opportunity to support the war with war; For consumers, the user experience will also be improved in the process of accompanying the brand growth.