Aouita took the lead in opening the NCA without a map.

On October 9, 2023 (Shanghai), today, Aouita Science and Technology announced that it will gradually open the NCA without map, and will intensively carry out large-scale actual road test and user experience in the near future. As the core capability of Huawei’s advanced intelligent driving system ADS 2.0, Aouita will take the lead in covering six cities, namely Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Shenzhen and Hangzhou, and the second batch of functions will cover another 16 core cities (parameter | inquiry), and achieve full domestic coverage within this year. With the successful landing of NCA, the intelligent driving system of Aouita 11 (parameter | inquiry) is the first to get rid of the limitation of high-precision maps, realize the comprehensive coverage of three core scenes of high-speed, urban area and parking, unlock more high-frequency intelligent driving scenes, make the intelligent driving experience "more open and more familiar", achieve the fastest delivery speed of intelligent driving in the industry, and bring users the intelligent driving experience of "more open and wider".

Tan Benhong, Chairman and CEO of Aouita Science and Technology, said: "Aouita and Huawei have jointly built a smart driving ceiling, and demonstrated ‘ in the field of smart driving technology with continuously evolving products and services; Aouita speed ’ ; Constantly create a subversive travel experience for users, so that users all over the country can enjoy ‘ Can be opened with or without graphs ’ The convenient smart driving experience truly enjoys the dividends brought by the continuous advancement of Aouita’s smart driving technology. "

Thanks to Huawei’s deep empowerment in the field of intelligent driving, Aouita 11 is equipped with 34 intelligent driving sensors, including three laser radars, Huawei’s high-performance intelligent driving computing platform and anthropomorphic fusion algorithm, and it has the most luxurious intelligent driving sensor array among the vehicles with the NCA capability. Thanks to the car-side perception and calculation ability of TPF in the industry, Aouita 11′ s intelligent driving system still has strong environmental perception ability without relying on high-precision maps, which can help vehicles make fast and reasonable path planning.

As the first vehicle in the industry equipped with three laser radars as standard, Aouita 11′ s three laser radars have a wider and more dimensional detection range compared with most vehicles equipped with one or two laser radars on the market. The 360-degree full coverage perception greatly improves the driving safety and intelligence of the intelligent driving system, which makes Aouita 11′ s intelligent driving without a map have the same stable and smooth performance as the illustrated version.

Based on the breakthrough of the key technology of intelligent driving without map, the intelligent driving NCA without map adopts BEV fusion perception and road topology reasoning network RCR(Road Cognition & Reasoning), and realizes the matching between navigation map and the real world by constructing the scene from the vehicle side. RCR has a broad sensing area, up to 2.5 football fields; The road topology can be generated in real time by reasoning the complex environment. The map-free intelligent driving NCA can effectively make up for the changes of road information that are not collected in time by high-precision maps, so that Aouita 11 can independently judge the traffic smoothness of the side lanes and ensure efficient and safe traffic with the optimal road selection strategy.

Thanks to Huawei’s advanced intelligent driving system ADS 2.0, Aouita 11 is equipped with the industry’s first GOD network of laser fusion, which fully utilizes the perception ability of laser radar; By occupying the grid, the 3D world is fully restored, and the obstacles are presented in a vegetarian way. Even the special-shaped obstacles that have not been marked by AI training (such as pedestrians falling to the ground, rollover, falling cardboard boxes, falling rocks) can be accurately identified and avoided to protect the safety of every trip.

In addition, Aouita has adopted the smart driving strategy of letting users participate in co-creation through big data modeling. Aouita 11′ s intelligent driving system has the industry-leading learning and training computing power of 1.8E Flops, and the model updating iteration can be realized every five days, with a maximum learning mileage of 10,000+kilometers per day. With strong learning ability, Aouita 11 can record the common road sections of car owners, judge the traffic density and driving habits; After the neural network is integrated, the environmental characteristics are built in advance, and even the driving habits of other cars are recorded. Through the continuous optimization of the algorithm through massive data, the vehicles are "smarter and smarter, and the more they drive, the more they understand you".

When "intelligent driving without map" has become a competitive highland in the field of intelligent driving, relying on the deep empowerment of CHN model, Aouita and Huawei have implemented the strategy of integration, co-creation and win-win cooperation, taking the lead in breaking the technical barriers in the industry and entering the stage of "intelligent driving without map". In the future, Aouita Science and Technology will continue to bring high-level smart drivers who know more about China users and China roads, and lead the new track of high-end smart electric vehicles with far-ahead smart driving strength.