There are countless loopholes in the plot, and all the protagonists are mentally degraded. Can The Wind Chaser also be called a spy war?


To say that the most popular drama at the moment is "The Wind Chaser".

Everyone really has a soft spot for spy wars, from The Rebel to The Stalker, and then to YiBo’s new drama.

Although the word-of-mouth polarization is serious, the ratings have only increased, winning the national championship for several days in a row.


If I want to use two words to describe the impression that this drama has brought me, it must be-


Eating is tasteless, but it is a pity to abandon it.

The characters are novel and the story rhythm is good, but the trend of the plot is getting more and more strange, and many hard-core contents in it can’t stand scrutiny at all.

Moreover, there are too many useless feeder lines.From spy war to CP stew.

This drama, to bind YiBo and Li Qin’s CP.

As a man and a woman, this is for sure, but to be honest, the two actors really have no emotional interaction in the play.

In addition, the CP featuring YiBo and Wang Yang should be capitalized.

Every day, "Mr." comes to "Mr.". The weak scholar grabbed the gun to protect Mr., and was tortured and kept from telling each other.

From helping to grow up, it has become redemption. The lens of two people looking at each other is almost more than that of the heroine.

Even the actors outside the play have to interact with the box. I don’t know that YiBo is the heroine of the play.

Wang Yang and Gao Lu’s CP didn’t fall behind either.

But also insert the picture of two people getting to know each other and falling in love.

Together, two people who are almost 90 years old collectively dress up as tender. Gao Lu puts on a high ponytail and pretends to be a girl, while Wang Yang still has a wrinkled face, just like thirty or forty.

A thick filter has nothing to do with the main story at all.

Then there are also some interesting things when the hostess and sister-in-law are filming.

Boy, I took a video of the director beating his head off, and I reasonably suspected that the director of "The Wind Chaser" was "publishing personal vendetta".

There are so many CP’s, even the CP’s of spy chief and dancer.

Never mind whether it is true love or not, anyway, as long as it is a role with a little weight in the top ranking, I must fall in love with all of me.

Life is dying, and these people still "love".

Ok, it’s ok to fall in love. At least you have to do the right thing, right?

But many plots in "The Wind Chaser" are very intelligent.


Wei Ruolai, the male host, went to the central bank for an interview. As a result, in the process of answering questions, the outside suddenly caught fire.

The fire is so big that the smoke drifting into the classroom from the outside makes people unable to open their eyes. At this level, it may burn out outside.

Just when I felt puzzled, the aura of the man began to shine-

Everyone fled, abandoned their books and ran away. Only the man insisted on sitting in the chair and answering the exam paper.

I am very familiar with the people. Isn’t the heroine in the ancient idol drama so simple and persistent? Even if she is dying, the topic can’t be seen clearly, and she has to write down with her clothes covering her nose.

Life is nothing, once he runs away, he loses an opportunity that may not be admitted once!

Sure enough, a turn of the camera, male two shen figure nanta roared:A bunch of idiots, only one person passed such a simple test!

Yes, they really burned down all the banks to give the candidates examination questions.

This "selfless dedication" spirit is really admirable, and I don’t know who the simpleton is.

Are not responsible for their own personal safety, either stupid or stupid.

Of course, our man is not only not stupid but also a genius.

How smart is this genius?

Contacts or investigations will be disguised.

In fact, the man who met his brother had defected, so the man wanted to test it, so he came to the joint man’s shop armed to the teeth.

It’s the same dress and hairstyle, but half of my face is covered with a scarf.

Saying that it’s half a face actually blocks a mouth, but it doesn’t even block the big nose.

Everyone else is busy with their own affairs, except the man who sneaks and sneaks at others in the small shop during the day.

real"Too inconspicuous"Yes.

After discovering that something was wrong with this connector, the man still took things to the appointment.

It’s just that there’s another contact halfway through. He looks smart and plays the fool fully distracted, but in fact he just trusts the second person.

The problem is that the second person asked the man to give the key to the gold bar to the connector. Normal people thought that these two people were probably working together, which was like acting.

Even if it’s not acting, with two contacts, the second one may not be true.

As a result, Wei Relai trusted the second person and gave it to the connector.

And things are handed over, whether you trust the first person or the second person, the result is the same.

I didn’t say it, brother, so why did you call the police during the day? It’s no use trying.

The man’s practice is puzzling, and the woman on the other side is not much better.

Usually, when reporting the situation, there will be a very secret basis. As a result, the basis of these two people is-

On the street.

The most dangerous place is the safest place, right?

In public, the two directly told the whole story, and the hostess cried excitedly and said, I didn’t protect him well.

Audience: Huh?

Then why are you pretending to read your palm? You two can just tell others.

In order to show how good the memory of the male master is, the director specially arranged an encounter between the underground party and the male master and the male second.

Hearing the sound, Wei Re turned around and said that he seemed to have seen him.

At this time, the other person’s expression was awkward for a moment, and suddenly he felt guilty.

Shen Tunan heard this sentence and turned his head.

Later, the underground party pretending to be a tailor casually said two words to get away with it.

In fact, it’s enough to say this, they are all smooth, and the more clear they are, the more suspicious they will be.

But the man still has to be adamant, and he has to emphasize that his voice is familiar.

Shen Tunan’s expression became serious. He looked at Wei Relai and then at the tailor, obviously suspicious.

At this point, the man suddenly realized, pretended to be relaxed and said a scene of other meetings, and interrupted this matter again.

It’s too obvious. At this time, the man’s face was covered with the words "See how awesome I am", so he deliberately used pen and ink only to highlight the hero’s aura.

And hearing his words, the suspicious Shen Tunan actually didn’t take it seriously.

The most outrageous thing is that the woman helped the man get out of prison at a critical moment.

By this time, the man had been flogged, electrocuted, burned by cigarette butts and drugged. This series of operations was absolutely serious enough to die.

The woman, however, turned the situation around with only one shell.

The reconnaissance team couldn’t find it, the dangerous and vicious spy chief couldn’t find it, and everyone else’s eyes were not good, only the woman found a shell casing.

It’s like actually hammering the spy chief to arrest people without evidence, and it’s like taking the imperial edict and commanding down the spy.

Actually, it is."Empty talk to identify forgeries".

According to the visual inspection, the shell casing was shot less than five days, and then it was this caliber and that diameter.

It turns out that you are the real genius!

No, spies with such delicate minds have to commit perjury. Isn’t that just the whole shell casing with the diameter?

On the other hand, he said a few words on the opposite side, and the spy was stunned. At this time, the audience was already stunned.

Everything is to let the male host be abused, highlight the actor’s acting skills and make the audience feel sorry for the male host. Then, just like picking up chickens, just make up some plots and force him to come out.

This is the screenwriter of today’s big drama.


In fact, the rhythm of the plot is good, but the content is really poor.

In my opinion, YiBo’s performance in this play can even be recognized, but there is no hard content to support the setting of the male host.

With the intensive high-light scenes deliberately arranged, coupled with all kinds of CP stew, the meaning of spy war itself has completely lost.

Spy warfare, what are you talking about?

It’s "Hidden"Pretending to be husband and wife, they are walking on thin ice all the time, smiling and dancing on the tip of the knife 2.

It’s The Pretender.I watched my brother being tortured, and was scolded by my sister for misunderstanding. I didn’t hesitate to start work, but I had words of suffering.

It’s also Above the Cliff.Ordinary people have unimaginable willpower and are willing to die in exchange for information not to be leaked.

When CP became the focus of publicity, two comrades talked openly and emotionally on the street, and the hostess wrote "I am gay" on her face every time.

I think the spy war has gone completely astray at this time.