Online celebrity, a well-known female, was named and denounced by the police!

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On March 30th, a well-known police officer V with 5 million fans and Nanjing Jiangning District Police @ Jiangning Grandma posted a long article in Weibo, saying that some netizens showed him a video called "Mustard Yangzai" online celebrity on a certain platform.

The video mentioned by netizens is a 46-second video titled "Don’t be too kind when going out". In the video, online celebrity’s "Mustard Yangzi" plays multiple roles, telling the story of a strange little girl passing a note to the hostess. The hostess couldn’t read the words on the note clearly. After looking closely, she suddenly smelled the "ecstasy" on the note, causing her mobile phone to be cheated away.

After watching the related video, @ Jiangning’s mother-in-law criticized the video by name: "It took me dozens of seconds to almost bring the ecstasy rumors that I have been chanting for so many years to a hodgepodge."

@ 亵亵亵亵 also said that although this video was marked in a very inconspicuous position: "The plot interpretation is for entertainment only", "No bad guidance" and "Do not imitate", but it can be made up by marking "interpretation"?

"In my professional and professional judgment, I think this video content undoubtedly constitutes’ false information or rumors that may cause urgent harm or threat to normal social order and security’, and’ may’ can be directly crossed out. After all, there are so many audiences who listen to and spread this video content here. "

In the long article, @ Jiangning’s mother-in-law shouted "Mustard Yangzi": "I also remind the students of" Mustard Yangzi "that if you can see this content, don’t delete it and record another one, sincerely apologize and clarify the explanation. If you don’t know how to clarify this ecstasy, you can ask me. In this respect, I am indeed an expert who has fought many battles. "

At the end of the article, @ Jiangning’s mother-in-law also reminded everyone, "I can take the trouble to say it 10,000 times: this kind of thing mentioned in the video does not exist."

At noon on March 30th, "Mustard Yangzi" issued an apology statement on his personal account, saying that he "was influenced by false information on the Internet, so I released it without verification. It has been proved that there is no such thing in the video. "

"Mustard Yangzi" said that its original intention is to remind friends who are away from home to be vigilant by shooting relevant videos, but it is also impossible to release false information without verification. I am deeply sorry for this. "This is my negligence and irresponsible behavior. I feel deeply guilty for bringing troubles and misunderstandings to everyone. "

In this regard, some netizens said:

Raise awareness of vigilance

But also on the basis of science and facts.

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A legendary anesthetic, also known as inhalation anesthetic, commonly used isoflurane, sevoflurane, desflurane, etc., can temporarily and reversibly lose consciousness and pain.

There are two conditions for people to be "put down" by them-a high enough drug concentration; Long enough anesthetic inhalation time.

The general setting in TV series should use ether. Cover your nose and mouth with a handkerchief, and you won’t be able to put it down for a few seconds, at least for more than forty or fifty seconds, and if you cover it less, you won’t faint. If you cover it for a long time, it may cause death.

However, whether sevoflurane or ether, the metabolic rate in the body is very fast. If it is not given continuously, people will wake up soon. Therefore, the use of anesthetics makes people faint and faint for a long time, and the maneuverability in life is very small.

Although the legendary "secret skill" of "fainting when you cover it" does not exist, everyone should remain vigilant.

Criminals add "ecstasy" (usually sedative drugs) to drinks, cigarettes and food, making the other party temporarily unconscious and committing illegal infringement. Some oral ecstasy can achieve the effect of stunning the victim within ten minutes or even minutes.

At present, the common "ecstasy" in criminal cases consists of clonazepam, γ -hydroxybutyric acid and triazolam. These drugs are psychotropic drugs controlled by the state and will cause great harm to human body.

Everyone should raise safety awareness when going out, and don’t easily accept food and drinks from unknown sources. Even friends and acquaintances, don’t take it lightly.

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