[Great Country Food Policy] Taizhou Pharmaceutical High-tech Zone (gaogang district): Empowering science and technology, so that agriculture can be inserted with "wisdom wings"

  On June 27th, Taizhou Haifeng Organic Farm, with the operation of the transplanter, plates of green seedlings were neatly inserted in the paddy field, covering the earth with a layer of green gauze. At present, it is the critical period of transplanting early rice seedlings in the field. Many farms in Taizhou seize the agricultural time and use modern agricultural new technologies such as full mechanization of rice to promote the transplanting of rice seedlings in the field intensively, laying a solid foundation for high yield of rice and boosting the process of agricultural modernization.

  It is understood that Haifeng Organic Farm has a planting area of 900 mu. This year, the farm all adopts mechanized planting and transplanting, and about 7,000 seedlings are planted per mu by manual transplanting, while the mechanized transplanting can reach 12,000 plants per mu, increasing the yield by about 2% to 30%. In view of the consumption demand of high-end market, a rice variety "Nanjing 1402" was introduced and planted. This rice variety has less diseases and insect pests and strong lodging resistance. Under the same water and fertilizer management and control conditions, its yield is obviously higher than that of ordinary varieties.

  An unmanned rice transplanter based on satellite navigation and positioning system is shuttling in the field in the whole farm and paddy field of Huzhuang North. The rice transplanter only needs to set the parameters before the operation, and the running route is automatically corrected by the electric steering wheel of the combined navigation, which not only reduces the influence of artificial operation technical factors on the quality of rice transplanter, but also further improves the working efficiency and realizes the intelligent agricultural machinery "smart" farming. This unmanned transplanter can greatly reduce the labor intensity and improve the quality of transplanted seedlings. The transplanted seedlings are straight and the density is more uniform.

  This year, about 90,500 mu of rice was planted in Taizhou Pharmaceutical High-tech Zone (gaogang district). There are more than 190 high-speed rice transplanters and more than 200 tractors supporting cultivators. Due to early preparation in the early stage and sufficient rainfall in the later stage, rice seedlings can be transplanted according to the season. At present, rice transplanting by machine has been fully completed. Rice varieties are mainly excellent edible rice varieties such as Nanjing 9108 and Nanjing 5055, and the proportion of high-quality edible rice varieties is over 90%.

  The construction of high-standard farmland is a key measure to consolidate and improve grain production capacity and ensure national food security. At present, nearly 130,000 mu of high-standard farmland has been built in the local area, accounting for 72% of cultivated land. This year, 5,300 mu of high-standard farmland will be built, and more than 5,000 mu of green, high-quality and efficient grain demonstration areas will be built to further consolidate agricultural infrastructure and upgrade agricultural materials and equipment. At the same time, we will innovate the management mode of post-construction management, carry out a pilot project of quality insurance for high-standard farmland construction projects in Dasi Town, explore the establishment of a new mechanism for farmland construction guarantee, and insure 259,000 yuan to cover the high-standard farmland water conservancy infrastructure in 13 villages in Dasi Town, including 97 pumping stations and 173 kilometers of channels, with an estimated maximum compensation of 385,300 yuan to ensure the long-term benefits of high-standard farmland construction projects.

  In recent years, Taizhou Pharmaceutical High-tech Zone (gaogang district), based on the development advantages of rice industry, has actively developed deep processing of rice while stabilizing its primary production, promoted the deep integration of agriculture, tourism, leisure, scientific research and other industries, and integrated the development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries to help farmers increase their income. The planting area of high-quality rice in the whole region is 82,000 mu, with an average yield of more than 620 kg per mu. The total annual grain output is more than 99 million kg, and the annual sales are more than 10 billion yuan. With the acceleration of industrialization, we will gradually explore the forms of "leading enterprises+farmers’ cooperatives+family farms" and "companies+family farms" to promote the value-added and efficiency-enhancing of the whole industrial chain, which not only revitalizes rural land, but also attracts farmers to work in farms and enterprises nearby, driving farmers around to increase their income and become rich.

  In April this year, Huzhuang Town, Taizhou was selected into the list of demonstration construction of national strong agricultural industry towns in 2022, becoming the only selected township in Taizhou. In the next step, the district will focus on the construction of a strong agricultural industry town, firmly grasp the work goal of "strong industry, prosperous enterprises, practical projects and rich farmers", upgrade rice storage facilities and equipment, upgrade the intensive processing of rice industry, and integrate rice exhibition and sales to implement project construction, comprehensively expand industrial functions, extend the industrial chain and promote green and sustainable development.