The point is not "Black Yang Mi"! Have you learned the black technology of AI changing face?


Beijing News released a video.

1905 movie network news On February 27th, a "face-changing" video released by the Beijing News triggered a heated discussion on the Internet. In the video, Huang Rong in The Legend of the Condor Heroes, originally starring Athena Chu, was replaced by Yang Mi’s face, creating the effect of Athena Chu’s acting skills and demeanor+Yang Mi’s face, which was almost confusing, so that a big discussion about Yang Mi’s acting skills was launched in the comments.


Some netizens said, "So Yang Mi finally has acting skills", while fans who support Yang Mi are excited, thinking that Yang Mi was "hacked while lying down" and that this video has constituted a violation of portrait rights. We also put forward a new possibility, that is, body double may act later, and then the star’s face will be replaced.


Showing the new technology of AI face changing to everyone is Mr. Xiao with a northeast accent. In an interview, he said that studying AI face changing is part of his job. Because he was interested, he studied it deeply and spent a week making a video to communicate with you. "There is no profit purpose."


AI face-changing technology is a face-changing process that allows artificial intelligence to learn, identify and reorganize distorted faces many times.

 Learn about the schematic diagram

Dr. Jason of Chinese Academy of Sciences mentioned its precedent — — An APP with DeepFake technology has appeared on reddit websites abroad, but it was soon banned. The reason is that with the open source of this technology, the goddesses Gal Gadot and Scarlett Johansson have all been changed.


Therefore, perhaps the most worth discussing about the AI face-changing event is not Yang Mi’s acting skills, but the future use and limitation of this black technology. Previously, some netizens used it in the face of US President Trump. If this technology is further open source, the impact will not only be in the entertainment industry. It is likely that seeing is not believing, which is comparable to the dystopian situation presented in Black Mirror.


According to reports, the earliest platform for Mr. Xiao to upload this video was bilibili, with the id "Change Face Brother". After the video fire, he issued a statement saying that he is also a big fan of Yang Mi, and has communicated with yang mi studio to download the video. However, according to observation, there are already some AI face-changing tutorials in bilibili, and even the slogan "All children can understand" has been put forward.