The coarse grain is not coarse, and the road has turned to powder. The split design Xiaomi TV 3 review

  [PConline Review]When it comes to Xiaomi, the oil, salt, sauce and vinegar in many people’s hearts have come, and there are all kinds of flavors. No matter how much you hate Xiaomi, you still have to admit that because of the appearance of Xiaomi, we can buy cheaper and cheaper mobile phones and TVs. In recent years, Xiaomi, which started with cost performance, has gone further and further on the road of pursuing the ultimate craftsmanship and quality. It is less feverish and less low-priced. It is not accepted by many people that it wants to make a good product wholeheartedly. It is estimated that when Xiaomi finally stops playing panic buying, the beige will gradually decrease. But is that still Xiaomi? At this point, it has been a long time since the release of Xiaomi TV 3. Whether it is the so-called gimmick or the label you put on the Xiaomi brand in your heart, it should be gradually diluted. Let’s explore the message conveyed by this ordinary and not ordinary TV with a normal heart.

  The Mi TV 3 has a total of 55-inch, 60-inch and 70-inch sizes, which basically covers the size range of the most popular large-screen TVs at present. This time, the 60-inch Mi TV 3 with the middle size came to our PConline evaluation room. The unique split design has successfully attracted a lot of attention, and it has also triggered a wave of enthusiasm in the industry. It has won the 2016 German Red Dot Award of the International Industrial Design Award. This time, in addition to the split design, we also want to dig out more information on this TV to see if it can attract more rice noodles or beige!

Xiaomi TV 3 60 inches main parameters Product model Mi TV 3 panel parameters 60 inches, resolution 3840 * 2160 true 4K original LG screen process Screen part: all-metal body, double 45 ° drilling and cutting process frame, metal back
Host: iron mesh punching, aluminum alloy wire drawing anodizing Image Processing Engine MAC-Pro4 UC + high definition image quality engine, dynamic picture compensation, YUV4:4:4 lossless display, etc Light Control/Backlight Technology Bottom side-entry backlight, 8-partition smart backlight Host audio technology DOLBY, DTS audio dual decoding, the latest Dolby MegaBass UI/System MIUI TV version Host core hardware
CPU: MStar 6A928 Cortex-A17 quad-core 1.4GHz
GPU:Mali-760 MP4 4 + 4 cores
Storage: 2GB RAM + 8GB ROM
main interface USB2.0 × 1, USB3.0 × 1, HDMI 2.0 × 3, VGA× 1,Audio interface × 1, WLAN network port × 1
Analog signal DTMB × 1, AV input × 1 Size/mm
Screen part: 1345.8 × 849.1 × 11.63mm (including base)
961 × 119 × 55.6mm
Weight/kg Screen part: 21kg (including base) Host: 3.9kg Reference price/yuan 4999 yuan (standard audio and TV host)

Screen body: ultra-thin, all-metal body, metal back

  At present, smart TVs of the same level are basically unable to open the big gap in hardware. Xiaomi TV 3 is equipped with the flagship TV processor MStar 6A928 at that time, which is not outdated at all even now. 60-inch LG original 4K screen, 4999 yuan price is really not expensive, but these are not as attractive as the split design.

  In appearance, smart TVs are now mostly close to the minimalist style. The cool black metal frame of the Xiaomi TV 3 has been narrowed to ensure the support and protection of the screen, making it even narrower under the background of the 60-inch large screen. With the split design of the host, I always feel that this Xiaomi TV 3 is more suitable for wall-mounted, but for the convenience of evaluation, it also saves the trouble of wall-mounted installation. After all, the use of the base will not have any sense of inconsistency.

  Looking closely at the border part of Xiaomi TV 3, it is not formed by bending in one piece, but by ordinary metal splicing. However, Xiaomi has done some processing in the details, and all the metal border surfaces are frosted, which gives a good look and feel.

  The side of the border is no longer a bare black line, but a golden decorative strip shining with diamond light. It is made with a double 45 ° diamond cutting process, which makes the border look less monotonous and has a gorgeous temperament of black and gold style.

  In contrast, the bottom border is slightly wider, which should be a compromise made considering the stability of the fuselage. Thinking about it, it is easy to accumulate dust in the gaps of the splicing border, which is not only difficult to clean, but also affects the appearance. However, the gap in the connection of the Xiaomi TV 3 border is very subtle, and it is almost invisible from a little distance, which shows that Xiaomi TV is still relatively strict in the requirements of handicraft control.

  Xiaomi’s iconic high-gloss logo is located in the center of the bottom of the TV frame, which is still rather eye-catching against the black body.

  The Mi TV 3 follows Xiaomi’s iconic "herringbone" base. The all-metal material makes the base look more vigorous and powerful, giving people a strong sense of security. The silver-black metallic luster has also improved the appearance a lot.

  In addition to the details of the front fuselage, Xiaomi TV 3 also spent a lot of thought on the back. Thanks to the split design, many interfaces are on the host and avoid opening holes on the other side of the TV, which largely ensures the integrity of the back. Still maintaining a simple design style, the metal back plate covers about two-thirds of the entire back, and the appearance is straight up.

  Xiaomi TV has reached the third generation, and the thickness of the fuselage is thinner than that of the first generation. It challenges itself again. The thickest part of the overall fuselage is only 36.7 mm, and the thinnest part is only 11.63 mm. Due to the separation of part of the hardware into a separate host accessory, the overall fuselage has also reduced some burden, and there is no "big hunchback" instant vision.

  The metal back plate is treated with a wire drawing process, which does add a lot of color to the appearance.

  In addition, in the lower part of the back, although it is made of plastic, the seemingly rough matte treatment of millet adds some unique flavor to the original ordinary plastic backplane, no longer looking so mediocre.

  Summary:In fact, I don’t have many opportunities to come into contact with Xiaomi TV, and more of my knowledge comes from the Internet like most people, so the overall impression is not very good. But when I first saw Xiaomi TV 3, I was originally just curious about the split design, but I was also attracted by the appearance of this TV. The full metal body plus the finishing touch of the golden decorative strip, as well as the metal back, and the vigorous and powerful "herringbone" tripod are definitely very attractive in the same level of competition. At the same time, the treatment of the border gap and the streamlined transition design on the back make people see more of Xiaomi’s intentions. The editor is a bit of a fan…

Host appearance: not just a box

  In the process of using a smart TV, after a year or two or even longer, many people will feel that the TV is starting to change. The Xiaomi TV 3 adopts a split design, which separates the screen from the smart hardware part, so as to facilitate the independent upgrade of the hardware part. The main part of the Xiaomi TV 3 is equipped with the previous generation flagship chip Mstar (which was the flagship when it was released), 2GB RAM + 8GB ROM, so it is not an exaggeration to say that this configuration is the flagship level now.

  The screen part of the Xiaomi TV 3 cannot be used alone, and it needs to be connected to the host part with the MI port cable. Since the smart hardware is separated separately, this gives enough design space. The host of the Xiaomi TV 3 is integrated with the audio part, like an independent SoundBar, which effectively improves the sound quality of the TV. If it is matched with Xiaomi’s subwoofer, it is perfect.

  The host button is integrated on the central part of the metal plate, and the aluminum alloy brushed anodic oxidation is refined. The symmetrical distributed buttons also show their unique style.

  Except for the button area in the middle, most of the host is covered by fine metal mesh, which is punched with iron mesh. Post-processing makes it more metallic and feels very good. Built-in 4 2.5-inch medium subwoofers, 2 20-core tweeters, the maximum loudness can reach 102dB (C) or more, embedded Dolby MegaBass, virtual surround, bass enhancement, dialogue enhancement, automatic volume adjustment, etc., comparable to mid-to-high-end HIFI audio, providing top listening enjoyment.

  The interface part is also naturally integrated into the host. In addition to the MI port interface connecting to the TV, the others are also common interfaces for smart TVs. In addition, Xiaomi TV 3 supports Bluetooth 4.1/BLE low energy consumption, with an independent Bluetooth antenna, and supports Bluetooth remote control, mouse, keyboard, headset, stereo and other wireless devices.

Mi tv mi prot line

  Due to the split design of Xiaomi TV 3, the screen cannot work alone and must be connected to the host through the MI port cable to use it normally.

  Mi TV 3 is equipped with a Bluetooth remote control, while the set version includes a voice somatosensory remote control with more functions. As for the shape, there is not much bright spot, but the original symmetrical design is awkward due to the abrupt power button on the left. I can only guess that there is a symmetrical button on the right.

  In addition to the screen, host and base, the accessories are basically here. The manual, MI port cable, power cord, AV adapter cable, etc., also comes with a screwdriver very thoughtfully.

  Summary:In addition to the intelligent hardware part provided by the host of Xiaomi TV 3, it can be said to be an independent SoundBar. The iron mesh punching is equipped with aluminum alloy brushed anodizing process, which is very textured and adopts a new design. Within the limited size, the size, quantity and parameters of the speaker unit are optimized to the maximum extent, even without the subwoofer, it can provide a more comfortable sound quality experience. Hardware, Mstar 6A928 has a powerful TV chip, "2GB + 8GB" sufficient storage combination to ensure sufficient system fluency, and the split hardware upgrade is convenient and affordable.

MIUI TV version: simple and easy to use, considerate everywhere

  On the smartphone side, MIUI can be said to be the originator of domestic customization systems, and it has been well received. Xiaomi TV 3 uses the MIUI TV version that is deeply customized for large-screen TVs, which is similar in overall style to the MIUI on the mobile side. With the appropriate optimization of large-screen use, the interface can better meet consumers’ usage habits.

  The main interface of MIUI TV version has only one long page, basically two screens can be displayed completely, which is relatively simple. In terms of icon style, the flat rounded rectangular icon is more like an enlarged version of the mobile icon, simple and beautiful, and the main functions can be found at once.

  In addition, frosted glass and translucent interface effects can be seen everywhere on the MIUI TV version, as well as more dynamic visual animation effects, which make you feel that this is a very smooth system during use.

MIUI TV version drop-down menu

MIUI TV version drop-down menu

  As we all know, the Android system has a traditional drop-down bar to view notifications, while on the MIUI TV version, the drop-down menu is also retained, but it is triggered by the up arrow keys, which can quickly view the date, weather and other information, and provide settings. Quick entry to external mobile devices. At the same time, the use of transition animations and frosted glass backgrounds increases the aesthetics and smooth experience of the system.

MIUI TV version multitasking interface

  Double-click the home button to enter the multi-tasking interface, translucent effects and smooth transition animations enhance the experience, 2GB RAM can support the TV to use enough fluency, and feel free to switch between recently opened programs, no need to look again. At the same time, the cleaning process makes the system run more smoothly.

MIUI TV version input source interface

  Enter the signal input source selection interface on the homepage. The translucent effect is very beautiful and feels very fresh. It is more convenient to quickly select the source of the external device and switch the input signal.

MIUI TV version settings menu

  In the settings menu, you can also see this unified style. Each basic setting option is displayed in a translucent square icon, and the style is still simple and beautiful.

MIUI TV Fashion Illustrated

MIUI TV Fashion Illustrated

  When using the TV, occasionally get up and leave for a while, the TV will be idle, MIUI TV version will automatically enable the screensaver after the TV is completely inactive for a few minutes, display various fashion pictorials, and automatically switch, the TV will become a huge electronic photo frame, full of viewing. You can also choose a specific category gallery according to your preferences.

Screen projection artifact

  There are Xiaomi’s own APP screen projection artifacts on the mobile phone and TV. In the same WIFI, it supports the mobile phone to connect to the TV, and the video on the mobile phone is broadcast on the large screen of the TV, which makes the viewing experience more refreshing.

Screen projection artifact remote control function

  In addition to screen projection, a mobile phone connected to the TV can also replace the role of a remote control, or even become a gamepad, making the TV entertainment function richer.

  Summary:The MIUI TV version can be said to be among the best in the aesthetics and ease of use of domestic TV systems. The use of large icons with rounded corners and rectangles, frosted glass, and translucent effects is just right, revealing refinement and simplicity everywhere. At the same time, the diversity of fashion pictorials and screen projection artifacts connect mobile phones and TVs, further enhancing the fun and convenience of using TVs.

Screen comprehensive test: outstanding color, slender

  Xiaomi TV 3 uses LG’s original true 4K screen, with a resolution of up to 3840×2160, and is equipped with an independent flagship image processing chip, allowing users to experience smoother and finer pictures. At the same time, there is MEMC dynamic picture compensation, which eliminates moving image smearing and greatly improves the quality of high-speed moving pictures. With the addition of the fourth generation high definition image quality engine and more than a dozen image quality optimization technologies, the performance of this screen is fully exerted. And it has also been verified one by one in our all-round tests.

  The author conducted an all-round test of Xiaomi TV 3 from various aspects such as color, brightness, and dynamic performance, and finally gave a high score of 8.45. I am indeed quite satisfied with the screen quality of this TV, especially in terms of color gamut and dynamic performance. Next, let’s take a look at the more detailed test results.

  Color performance testing

  From the naked eye alone, this screen is quite pleasing to the eye in terms of picture performance, and there is no obvious color cast. This is actually the case for most TV products, and the difference cannot be seen without comparison. However, through our professional testing equipment, the screen of Xiaomi TV 3 was tested, and the results were still satisfactory.

  Through the quality test of the three colors of red, green and blue displayed on Xiaomi TV 3, the NTSC color gamut value was calculated to be as high as 96.55%, which can be said to be the best screen level. And through the picture display of the color transition, it can be seen that the color reproduction is more accurate, and the transition is naturally not stiff.

  The NTSC color gamut value of Xiaomi TV 3 reached 96.55%, and the color gamut range was very close to the standard value, of which red and blue were quite prominent. In the test of screen brightness performance, Xiaomi TV 3 also had a good performance. The brightness of each area of the screen was maintained at 300cd/m2, and the average brightness reached 287.55cd/m2.

  Looking at the two color test samples, the colors of various colors of silk and wool balls can be accurately restored, which is very pleasing to the eye. The transition between light and dark between different colors is also more natural. However, after looking at it for a long time, the author feels that the colors seem a little strong. Next, look at a set of samples to feel the excellent image quality of Xiaomi TV 3!

  Optical control performance test

  Before the brightness test, the author has turned off the screen dynamic adjustment function of the TV and adjusted the screen to the highest brightness. The maximum brightness of Xiaomi TV 3 reached 299cd/m2, and the average brightness reached 87.55cd/m2, which was relatively good. It can be seen from the screen that the light and dark details in the picture are relatively clear.

  In terms of gray-scale performance, it can also be clearly seen from the real screen samples that there is a clear distinction between 0 and 15 levels, and 16 gray-scale is clearly discernible, which proves that Xiaomi TV 3 has a very good performance in light control.

  In the test sample, the dark lines of the wood are also clearly visible in the low-light picture, and slight light leakage can be seen from the edge of the screen, which is difficult to avoid on LCD TVs. In the second sample, under the black background, the heroine’s black clothes and the background are well distinguished, and they are not integrated together. The contrast of Xiaomi TV 3 gray scale is very considerable.

  dynamic performance testing

  In the 2016 sports year, watching the game on TV is naturally indispensable, but the high-speed sports screen is easy to be entangled in smears, which affects viewing, and the situation of TVs with good dynamic performance will be much better.

  Under the capture of the extremely fast Mercedes-Benz train, the eaves on the opposite side were clearly visible through the window, and there was no obvious drag on the body. The dynamic performance of the Xiaomi TV 3 had a good performance. See more snapshots.

  Mi TV 3 supports MEMC dynamic picture compensation. When watching football and playing racing games on TV, insufficient number of images will cause blurred picture smearing. MEMC motion picture compensation technology can effectively make up for the incoherence of motion pictures and greatly improve the quality of high-speed motion pictures on TV.

  Power performance test

  When playing photos of different colors, record the power consumption of the TV. As can be seen from the table above, the performance of the 60-inch Xiaomi TV 3 with a large screen is still quite good.

  Summary:Xiaomi TV 3 gives full play to the value of this LG original real 4K screen, outstanding color performance and excellent light control performance, coupled with the optimization of more than a dozen technologies such as the fourth generation high definition image quality engine, the image quality has been improved in an all-round way. At the same time, thanks to the MEMC dynamic picture compensation technology, Xiaomi TV 3 has better dynamic performance.

Online resources and video decoding experience

  As a TV, the screen is of course the most important part, and for a smart TV, in addition to the screen, there is also a part that is also very important, that is, the abundance of online resources and hardware decoding capabilities. We have seen the performance of Xiaomi TV 3 on the screen. Let’s see if the performance in resources and decoding can satisfy us.

  Online resources: Audio-visual entertainment double repair

  Xiaomi TV 3 includes GITV, ICNTV, Wasu TV, and Mango TV, as well as many massive resources from Tencent Video, iQIYI, and other big 100 video websites. Online resources involve domestic and foreign TV dramas, movies, variety shows, music, and other resources. There are also many entertainment games, which can be described as everything.

  In the TV series part, the current popular TV series such as "Fantasy City", "Qingyun Zhi" and "Laojiumen" can be ordered at will on Xiaomi TV 3, timely updated, and more ultra-clear and Blu-ray clarity optional, allowing you to watch movies.

cinema hit

Independence Day: A Comeback

The Last Wizard Hunter

  In terms of film resources, recent hit movies in major theaters can also be enjoyed, such as "Independence Day: Comeback", "Angry Birds" and so on, but many resources need to be paid to watch, otherwise you can only try to watch for 6 minutes. In 2015, 80 movies with a box office of over 100 million, Xiaomi TV included 72. And this year, Xiaomi TV has a wider coverage of movies.

Chinese New Song

  There are also a large part of the audience who prefer variety shows. The most popular one at present should be "China’s New Song". Xiaomi TV users can watch it on demand at will, and there are better versions of post productin sound effects. In addition, to adapt to the development trend of the Internet, the funny videos of the first Internet celebrity papi sauce of the year are also integrated here to relieve your worries.

Hot News

  In addition to ordinary audio and video resources, Xiaomi TV 3 users can also keep abreast of the world without leaving home, and the hot information area follows up the current hottest information news in real time. During the Olympic Games, there is also an Olympic area that takes you to grasp the exciting moments of the Chinese Legion in real time. Although the Olympic Games are over, you can also enjoy the exciting golden moment.

Xiaomi Mall

Xiaomi Smart Home

  In addition, Xiaomi Mall and Xiaomi Smart Home, which can connect to all Xiaomi’s peripheral smart devices, are also features of Xiaomi TV 3.

  Audio and video decoding experience: the host sound effect is shocking

  Smart TVs want to take advantage of the large screen, video decoding capabilities are essential. Many video enthusiasts like to download ultra-high-definition videos from the Internet to play on the TV, which is also one of the most basic functions of smart TVs.



Batman v Superman

  After a series of video tests by the author, Xiaomi TV 3 supports smooth playback of videos up to H265.4K@60 frames, whether it is H.265, H.264, H.263, MPEG4, REAL, ASF and other encoding types, or RM, FLV, MOV, AVI, MKV, TS, MP4 and many other video formats, can cope with it easily.

  When playing lossless music in multiple formats, the Xiaomi TV 3 also encountered some embarrassment. The ape format lossless music can be read but there is no sound. The built-in music player can automatically read the lyrics, which is powerful. At the same time, it has to be mentioned that due to the separate host, it gives enough space for the sound, and also makes the sound effect of the Xiaomi TV 3 much better than that of ordinary TVs, and the audio and video experience is more sensory.

  Summary:Xiaomi TV 3 integrates the four major license holders and more than 100 video websites into a powerful resource alliance, allowing popular TV dramas, movies, and variety shows to be streamed freely. At the same time, it takes advantage of its own Xiaomi Mall and Xiaomi Smart Home to bring consumers more convenience and experience a smarter life.

[PConline evaluation room summary] Coarse grains are not coarse, they are worth it!

  For Xiaomi TV or the Xiaomi brand, many people are biased at the beginning, mostly because they can’t accept Xiaomi’s always hungry marketing strategy. I don’t have any people who hate a brand simply because it is cheaper. In fact, no matter what the outside comments are, Xiaomi always has a large circle of fans, and when you really feel every detail of Xiaomi’s more and more mature products, maybe you will become a rice fan. As the beginning of the article said, we should at least thank Xiaomi for bringing us more cost-effective products.

Mi TV 3 Review advantages and disadvantages summary advantage disadvantage 1. Thin and light all-metal body, metal brushed backplane
2. Mstar 6A928 flagship chip
3. Simple and easy-to-use MIUI TV version
4. Split design, good sound effect
5. Hundreds of video website alliances, rich in resources 1. The screen is all black and there is slight light leakage.
2. Some resources need to be paid on demand
3, ape format music playback without sound

  Back to the Xiaomi TV 3, the thin and light all-metal body, the delicate matte texture, the gold frame of the double 45 ° drilling and cutting process, the metal brushed backplane and the vigorous and powerful herringbone base show Xiaomi’s pursuit of extreme craftsmanship and the heart of wanting to do a good job in a product. The pioneering split design has also attracted many competitors to imitate one by one. And in the hardware and screen of the TV, Xiaomi TV has given the best possible, the flagship chip Mstar 6A928, LG original imported real 4K screen, the actual measurement of the comprehensive quality of this screen is indeed good, close to 100% NTSC color gamut and good dynamic performance.

  MIUI, which is the root of Xiaomi’s origin, also brought thousands of users to Xiaomi in the early days, and can be called the originator of the domestic Android customization system. Even after the latecomers continue to learn and innovate, MIUI is still making progress and is still the best system in China. Xiaomi also brought MIUI to the TV, with the same rounded rectangular icons, the same frosted glass, translucent effects and transition animations, the smoothness and aesthetics are among the best, which is also the soul of Xiaomi TV 3. Another part of the online resources, Xiaomi combines the resources of the four major license parties and hundreds of video websites, and strives to provide users with the most complete resource library.

  The independently upgradable split TV, Xiaomi TV 3, is officially priced at only 4,999 yuan (60-inch version), which is not as cost-effective as any other, but it is also worthy of this price.