Demystifying the Jianghu behind the "black driving": charging indiscriminately, watching the car charges, and daring to take orders after drinking

  Yesterday, Daily Jun introduced to you the high risk of "last 100 meters drunk driving" after the driver leaves halfway. The reporter learned from the old masters of many regular driver companies that Xiamen’s driver market has actually been plagued by "black driver".

  How chaotic are the rivers and lakes? Let’s take a look at two cases.

  The driver is a drunk

  Sitting in the co-pilot’s seat, when he was stopped by the traffic police, Mr. Lin, the car owner from Quanzhou, was calm: "Although I drank alcohol, I invited a driver."

  But what happened next surprised him. The driver sitting in the driver’s seat actually drank alcohol!

  At 6 a.m. on July 4, 2016, when the traffic police in Huli stopped drinking and driving at the Lücuo intersection of Jiahe Road, they caught such an unreliable driver.

  According to reports, the driver, who is in his 40s, explained that he had drunk three bottles of beer the night before, but he did not expect that the alcohol had not dissipated by morning.

  My heart is stuffed!

  The driver temporarily increases the price

  At the beginning of this year, Mr. Tang, a citizen, had a drink at a party and wanted to go home. Although he was only 3 kilometers away from home, he knew that he could not drive after drinking, so he asked a friend to help him call a driver. The driver agreed with Mr. Tang to pay in cash, but Mr. Tang felt that it was not too far away, so he agreed casually.

  Unexpectedly, after arriving home, the driver temporarily increased the price, which cost tens of yuan more.

  After arguing with the driver, in order to reduce the trouble, I finally paid according to the price offered by the driver.

  Old driver, look carefully

  "Black driving" has these characteristics

  Indiscriminate charges, often several times higher than regular driving

  Arbitrary charging is one of the biggest characteristics of "black driving" that reporters have learned from many industry insiders.

  Regular driver companies have their own set of written charging standards, such as the more well-known E driver and Didi driver in the industry. Even if the starting price is late at night, the price will not exceed 100, while the price of "black driver" is relatively random, and the starting price can easily be hundreds of yuan.

  "The’black driver ‘will look at the car charges, what car the customer drives, and what community they live in. Even if the price is negotiated in advance and it is found to be a high-end community, they will temporarily increase the price or ask for a tip." Mr. Liu, an industry insider, told reporters that one customer was sent to Wuyuanwan Villa Area, but the result was less than 100 yuan at checkout. The customer thought it was very cheap, because the customer said that the last time the "black driver" drove the same distance and charged 300 yuan.

  Collusion with waiters and security guards to pick up customers

  The benefits of arbitrary charges include rebates for the security guards and waiters of entertainment clubs.

  Mr. Chen, an industry insider, said that after many guests get drunk, they directly ask the waiter or security guard to call the driver service for convenience. At this time, the waiter or security guard will have a greater initiative to get in touch with the familiar "black driver", and often get a 20% -30% rebate on the driver’s fee.

  "Now some of the more well-known entertainment venues in Xiamen are almost monopolized by’black driver ‘." Ms. Fan, an industry insider, said that "black driver" often has its own "private room". Within the scope of "private room", not only can regular driver companies not go in to solicit customers, but other "black driver" will not disturb.

  According to industry insiders, the driver masters of regular online driving platforms can also take orders on site, but they will still be subject to the platform quotation and recorded by the driving system. In this way, the driver can get more driving fees. However, after the entertainment club is "chartered", the on-site order receiving channel is basically cut off, and only online orders can be accepted.

  Even when receiving orders online, the "black driver" is always tripping up the regular driver. "The security guards with the’black driver ‘gang will drive away when they see the regular driver in uniform, and even rush to the opposite side of the road and ask the guests to come out." Mr. Liu, an industry insider, said that receiving orders in "private" entertainment venues often makes the "black driver" dissatisfied, and there have been many physical conflicts, and finally they can only call the police.

  Zhang Guan Li Dai

  "Black Driver" Intercept Hu Regular Driver

  There are many regular driver masters who have had such an experience. They clearly received an order, but when they arrived at the door, they didn’t see the customer come out and didn’t cancel the order? Later, I found out that they were intercepted by the "black driver".

  Some "black chauffeurs" will wear the uniform of a regular chauffeur company, but do not wear a work permit, and wait at the door for customers who come out with their mobile phones to find chauffeurs. "They will ask one by one and directly say’Is it the chauffeur you called, walk around ‘. Some customers did not check, and when they saw the vest, they dropped their guard and followed." Mr. Wang, an industry insider, said that the "black chauffeur" used this slightly deceptive grab order to many customers who had drunk alcohol.

  No insurance.

  No corresponding compensation for accidents

  The hidden dangers of "black driver" come from two aspects. On the one hand, it is the qualification of "black driver", and on the other hand, there is an accident during the service process.

  At present, many regular driver companies have strict selection standards. For example, the relevant person in charge of E driver revealed that the hard requirement of 5 years of driving experience plus strict tests such as written test, interview, training, road test, etc., the pass rate is about 30%, which means that 10 people sign up, and only 3 people can finally pass. The "black driver" lacks supervision and self-restraint, and is still in the state of "can be a driver if you can drive".

  In the event of an accident during the service process, the "black driver" often does not bear the corresponding compensation, and even walks away. This is obviously different from the corresponding insurance mechanism of the regular driver company.

  Two years ago, this newspaper exposed many chaos in the driving industry, including the low entry threshold and the lack of effective supervision.

  Two years have passed, and the regular driving companies have become more and more standardized through continuous improvement. But in the end, without the intervention of a third party, the regular driving companies can only "take care of themselves" no matter how standard they are, and cannot restrain "black driving", which directly leads to more and more chaos of "black driving".