Leading image quality concept change, decoding Hisense TV U8 perception image quality

  Display technology is developing very rapidly, and TV image quality is far from what people knew before, but volume parameters alone cannot stand at the peak of image quality. And Hisense proposed "not only to make high image quality of volume parameters, but also to make good image quality in real scenes", and accordingly launched Hisense TV U8 perceived image quality, leading the industry’s image quality concept of great change.

  Zhen Yan | | Writing

  In the 2020s, people’s perception of TV is no longer as concerned as it was in the last century, but from the aspects of image quality and size, they put the TV viewing experience in the first place. The most important point is the change of image quality concept, that is: to meet the ultimate experience of users watching movies and the individual needs of different application scenarios.

  So, in the brand, category complex market, how can we choose a TV with excellent image quality, try to meet the movie must have colorful, clear and delicate, contrast natural TV? In fact, it is not difficult, leading the image quality concept of Hisense TV U8 is an excellent choice for users.

  Get rid of parametric involution and lead the new trend of perceived image quality

  For users watching TV, image quality is a dimension that cannot be ignored by any client base. The reality is that under the influence of ambient light, the contrast and clarity of the TV picture will be reduced, which directly affects the user’s viewing experience. It is difficult for users to experience the natural true color and picture.

  Users pursue good image quality, but the standards of different client bases, or the focus is different. The elderly value bright and soft colors, young people care about real and bright colors, playing games is smooth and not stuck, watching sports games is real and immersive. It can be seen that different client bases and different usage scenarios have obvious differences in image quality requirements.

  Therefore, the standard of good image quality has to meet "both necessary and necessary", and needs to solve the problems of different levels and different scenarios. This is really difficult for ordinary TV companies to do. Until the past two years "Hisense TV U8 Mini
LED champion image quality "turned out, the industry is regarded as a sharp weapon to break the game.

  It is not surprising that Hisense TV U8 perceptual image quality can stand out! This is because Hisense, which is driven by technology, has a keen insight into the needs of the industry facing users "both want and want" as early as 2019. Through detailed analysis and research of user requests, empowered by multi-dimensional technology, successfully created Hisense U8 perceptual image quality products.

  Perceived image quality concept
Good image quality in real scenes

  Image quality is indeed important, but having a correct image quality concept is more important. Some manufacturers and users mistakenly believe that high parameters equate to good image quality. To this end, some companies take technical parameters as a path to improve image quality, but some parameters are close to the limit, and users’ painpoints are still not really solved. It can be seen that simply relying on parameters cannot solve the problem.

  Display technology is developing very rapidly, and TV image quality is far from what people knew before. Improving and improving technical parameters alone cannot completely solve the problem of image quality. As a technician said, relying on volume parameters cannot stand at the peak of image quality. Therefore, Hisense has established a clear breaking point: not only to do high image quality of volume parameters, but also to do good image quality in real scenes.

  What is a good image quality experience? That is to truly solve the viewing experience of different users in different scenarios, that is: no fear of ambient light interference, the screen is not reflective, no reflection, day and night scenes are naturally clear, showing users in different environments Good image quality to meet the user’s differentiated viewing needs.

  So how does Hisense U8 perceive image quality? Based on user pain points and experience in core display devices and image quality tuning, Hisense has created ULED through the comprehensive improvement of backlight, chip and screen
X sensing image quality technology platform. in ULED
With the support of the X technology platform, it coordinates and cooperates through the following five technical dimensions: First, the industry’s first millimeter wave intelligent sensing control + full-dimensional ambient light sensing + 16bits sensing control ambient light; second, Mini
LED2000 partition, black deep, bright clear; three is the core X image quality chip blessing, image processing performance is strong; four is the use of black screen Pro, 178 ° wide viewing angle, 1.28% ultra low reverse; five is 3300nits
XDR stabilizes the peak brightness, and the stable picture is dynamic and clear. A series of technical blessings and effective coordination have achieved the reference-level image quality of Hisense TV U8.

  Good image quality buy U8
Let go of the blindness of choosing TV

  There is a very convincing case: a user said that he likes to experience the feeling of cinema at home, but pulling the curtains during the day will be scolded by his wife, and not pulling it will affect the image quality. After experiencing Hisense TV U8, he was impressed by the perceived image quality technology, so that no matter how the environment changes, the picture is always clear and unchanged. In this way, can’t you enjoy the feeling of cinema at home?

  Image quality is not a general vague concept, but has a strong directivity, including clarity, color brightness, contrast, delicacy, fluency, natural sense and artistic sense. And industry companies are also pursuing Mini
LED, but also Mini LED its connotation is different. In the eyes of industry professionals, Hisense’s concept of perceived image quality is leading, and this concept will become an industry consensus in the future development, and continue to spread.

  At the end of the year, it is a great time to shop. This year is the first year that "Double 12" has been changed to "Good Price Festival", and various online platforms have increased subsidies. The key is whether you can find a good image quality product when buying a TV.

  For users, there is no TV with good image quality, it just depends on how you choose. According to Home Appliance Soul, Hisense TV U8 participated in the online and offline "Good Price Festival" activities. If you want a good image quality TV, this is a good time not to be missed!