Want to enlarge the weekend pattern? "Xiaolong Game" takes you to unlock the new gameplay of the post-holiday weekend track.

The romance of Xiamen is not limited to the sea, but also the extreme exotic customs here. After the holiday weekend, what kind of sparks will you collide with when you come to Xiamen International Circuit for a different kind of track, city walk?

On October 15th, Xiamen Hongshan International Circuit will open a Haval all-people electric four-wheel drive competition with the theme of "Xiaolong Game". Here, you can ride Haval Xiaolong MAX on the cross-country track, immerse yourself in the excellent driving control of Hi4 electric four-wheel drive, and release the hope of electric four-wheel drive. More interesting and diverse interactive games will take you to unlock different new ways of playing on the weekend track.

It is worth mentioning that users can win many luxury awards such as Huawei Mate 60 mobile phone through the points competition system. Different track experience, all in Xiaolong game-Xiamen station, waiting for you to challenge!

Eight challenges, experience the awakening of speed and passion.

Players who want to experience the cross-country track, this "Xiaolong Game"-Xiamen Station will satisfy you! Xiamen Hongshan International Circuit, the first standard circuit in Fujian Province, was certified by FIA Level-4 Circuit in 2021. It has a strong sense of handling and experience, and has become the best home for car enthusiasts on the west side of the Taiwan Strait to feel "speed and passion" and participate in car sports at zero distance.

Galloping on the track and competing in the challenge. The challenger will win the points exchange prize through eight unique and interesting race experiences of cross-country track and static/dynamic evaluation, and feel the outstanding performance of Haval Xiaolong MAX in Hi4 electric four-wheel drive control, stable chassis, excellent power and intelligent driving.

Water conservation war: Under rough off-road conditions, the shock absorption of vehicles is directly related to the comfort of daily vehicles. If you want a comfortable driving experience, the vehicle water retention experience is the most intuitive. Within the specified time, through the off-road test drive venue, the water retention in the bottle is within the specified range, which means that the challenge is successful and you can get corresponding points. Come and experience the steady driving feeling of Haval Xiaolong MAX Hi4 electric four-wheel drive!

Almighty King Challenge: If you want to witness the hardcore strength of the new intelligent four-wheel drive hybrid technology Hi4, the core technology of Haval Xiaolong MAX, you may wish to have a field off-road test. In the professional test site, experience the extreme maneuverability and power of the new Hi4 electric four-wheel drive through ten off-road subjects such as wave road, bilateral bridge, step slope and rocky pit in turn!

Easy blind driving: what is a real intelligent driving aid? Come to the site to carry out the all-blind-area lateral warehousing test. In a fully enclosed vehicle, it is not only a challenge to the driver’s skills, but also a challenge to the intelligent driving assistance function of Haval Xiaolong MAX L2+ to accurately park the vehicle in the side parking space only through the 540 panoramic image.

Handy: Is the novice driver still worried about parking? Haval Xiaolong MAX supports intelligent parking function, and experiences the convenience of parking with one-button car. Come and get older!

Eye-catching: How many induction probes does Haval Xiaolong MAX have? I guess you can’t find them all!

Keep your word: can you really do it in one word? Challenger woke up the intelligent voice system in the cockpit of Haval Xiaolong MAX, and issued 10 voice commands continuously. Can the intelligent voice answer them one by one? Let’s give it a try!

"Big" is promising: How much interior space can hold the distance of the whole family? Put the Haval Xiaolong MAX rear seat flat and put the rear air cushion bed, and experience a moving and comfortable big bed.

"Electricity" brightens life: what is the external discharge function of vehicles when camping outdoors? Come here to use the external discharge function of Haval Xiaolong MAX, connect the electric teapot, coffee machine, etc., and make a drink that pleases you!

As an all-round electric four-wheel drive new energy SUV, Haval Xiaolong MAX is the first to take the brand-new intelligent four-wheel drive electric hybrid technology Hi4. Through the distributed arrangement of front and rear axles, the electric hybrid architecture of series-parallel four-wheel drive is realized, with hard nuclear four-wheel drive performance and acceleration of only 6.8s per 100 kilometers. It is not afraid of the challenges of complex road conditions, and all the way is smooth. At the same time, Haval Xiaolong MAX, as the only electric four-wheel drive model with a class of 150,000, has put technology on the ground with its strength, and truly realized "the experience of four-wheel drive, the price of two-wheel drive, the performance of four-wheel drive and the energy consumption of two-wheel drive", which has become a high-value car for many family cars. The fuel consumption of WLTC feed is only 5.5L/100km, and the comprehensive cruising range can reach 1231km under the condition of full oil and electricity. The strength of the powerful Hi4 electric four-wheel drive is fully demonstrated.

In addition, based on the 33-year history of Great Wall Motor and 14 years of professional chassis training, Haval Xiaolong MAX adopts front McPherson independent suspension and rear trailing arm 3-link independent rear suspension, which has outstanding chassis comfort, shock absorption and driving maneuverability, and can bring a stable and comfortable driving experience even when driving on complex off-road roads.

If you also want to have an all-around car that can commute daily and enjoy a tour of Shan Ye, don’t miss this opportunity to experience the track at close range with Haval Xiaolong MAX.

Huawei Mate 60 and many other rich awards, you will have the opportunity to get involved.

More than colorful events, you can get more generous gifts by participating in Xiaolong game. In the Challenge, users win points through games, and the top three users can get: Huawei Mate 60, complete set of explorers’ camping tents, and eight donkey outdoor portable picnic camping equipment. At the same time, users can also participate in the activities of friends circle and Tik Tok topic collection, and there are also exquisite gifts such as children’s building block gift box, sports fascia gun and painting marker gift box.