Continuously topped the domestic new power brand sales crown! What is the best-selling secret of the new M7?

This year’s new energy cycle is getting more and more lively!

Not to mention the new products that each family is gearing up for, even the asking circle, which has reached the top of the domestic new power brand sales crown, will not stop, and its hot-selling car asking circle new M7 will launch a new version.

Just two days ago, the relevant information of the new version has been disclosed in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

As can be seen from the declaration map published by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, there is a bigger optional lidar in the new M7, and this bigger lidar may be the same 192-line radar of M9.

The new version of the new M7 model equipped with this lidar may bring better performance in intelligent driving and active safety.

In addition, the new version has also changed a lot in the choice of the front, one is the optional grille with a larger size, and the other is the optional front bumper with a smaller size. The design of the latter also looks similar to that of the M9.

Generally speaking, the new version of the new M7 will be launched soon. Compared with the current models, it mainly carries out design optimization and configuration update to meet the different needs of more users. This attitude comes down in one continuous line with the introduction of the new M7.

At this time, it has been half a year since the listing of the new M7 in Wenjie last September, and the sales volume of the new M7 in Wenjie has always remained evergreen., the cumulative number of large orders has reached nearly 180,000, and in the first quarter of this year, it achieved good results of being the first new force in the domestic market and the second brand.

In today’s new energy market, it is not easy to win such a good result, and it is impossible without hard power.

Then let’s take a look and ask the world what the new M7 is for, and it can deliver 20,000 yuan a month!

01. Hard power

When it comes to asking about the new M7, we have to ask about the ideal of "enemy" in the world. After all, these two companies are competitors appointed by Li Xiang, and the M7 and Li ONE really form a direct competitive relationship.

At that time, the hot market situation caused Li Xiang to attach great importance to M7′ s listing. Facing this rival, LI did not hesitate to stop production in Li ONE ahead of schedule and quickly carried out the L series as a response.

The subsequent market changes, in turn, have caused a big impact on M7.

Therefore, the M7 in the world of inquiry also saw the move, throwing 500 million yuan to upgrade the model, and in September 2023, it brought the new M7 in the world of inquiry.

Brand-new upgraded new M7 in the world, with the attitude of "increasing the quantity and reducing the price", has made by going up one flight of stairs a strong product and gained a firm foothold in the China automobile market.

butThe first advantage that makes the new M7 stand out from many products is the intelligent driving experience equipped with Huawei ADS 2.0.

The most obvious difference between this advanced intelligent driver assistance system and the old one is that it has a "horn".

SpecificallyThis scheme is equipped with 27 sensing hardware, including 1 overhead lidar, 3 millimeter-wave radars, 11 high-definition visual sensing cameras and 12 ultrasonic radars. The software is supported by Huawei’s self-developed algorithm, which can realize high-speed and high-order intelligent driving in urban areas without relying on high-precision maps.

However, for ordinary consumers, the principle of the intelligent driving system does not need to be described too much, because there is only one core problem related to everyone’s daily use, whether it is NOA, NCA or any definition or name.Whether this driver assistance system can be used or not.

In the actual experience, there are actually two evaluation criteria:Old driver level(Does this thing drive like me or better than me), andTakeover rateIf the driver takes over at every turn, it won’t save trouble at all.

In this respect, the new M7 meets the requirements of consumers for the driver assistance system at this stage perfectly. Until today, videos on the video website about the new M7 intelligent driving, such as emergency avoidance and non-intervention driving, are still emerging one after another, and even the whole network is shared by ordinary car owners.

From this aspect, it is not difficult to see that the leading or at least the national first-class intelligent driving experience has become a sign of the new M7 in the world.

When we talk about the intelligence of a car, we don’t just mean the intelligent driving, but also the intelligent cockpit.

The new M7, backed by HarmonyOS’s ecology, undoubtedly has a silky experience in the intelligent cockpit.

The first is the smoothness of the central control panel itself, which is already the most basic requirement of smart cars, and it is not worth mentioning specifically.

But after the driver enters the car,The system can adjust the height and brightness of the seat, rearview mirror and HUD automatically.

The experience is still very scientific, and of course it saves a lot of things for users at the use level.

In addition, the new M7 in the world also hasThe seamless driver interconnection function between HarmonyOS mobile phone and HarmonyOS car machine,andMulti-device linkage function of MagLink in rear row.

The above functions seem nothing special now, but considering that the Xiaomi SU7, which was released half a month later by Weilai’s mobile phone and supported tablet boarding, went on the market only in March this year, meeting two new M7 "black technologies" in one fell swoop, and its ecological experience full of science and technology can indeed be said to be "far ahead".

At the same time, the ride experience of a car itself is also the advantage of the new M7.

The big five-seat version of the new M7 in Wenjie is the only five-seat car with double air-conditioning boxes, and each seat has the functions of seat ventilation, heating and massage.

The six-seat version provides three rows of space that can really "sit people". After the redesign, the space and comfort of the second and third rows have been significantly improved.

plusFront and rear double FSD variable damping shock absorbers, submarine-grade thermoformed steel of the whole vehicle account for 24.4%, etc.Let the new M7 in the world have ride comfort and safety when driving.

All of the above can be said to be the new M7 for a medium-sized and large-sized household SUV.While the highlights are outstanding, there is no experience of shortcomings..

02. Huawei’s self-research empowerment

In March of this year, at the China Electric Vehicle committee of 100, Yu Chengdong’s speech was as bold as ever, and he said a lot of "embarrassing" words.

"I know that in the past, Tucki was the best car manufacturer in terms of intelligent parking and intelligent driving, but after we (Huawei) came, we rewrote this industry. Our (Huawei) ADAS advanced intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit, etc. are the best user experiences. "

Listen, this is the situation of being the boss when you come.

butThe reason why Yu Chengdong can talk boldly and confidently is that he has a Huawei behind him for technical and service support.

As we all know, in the past few years, Huawei has been developing new business and developing new products with increasingly severe sanctions. Therefore, when Huawei entered the automobile business, it had no other choice but to develop itself.

This highly acclaimed Huawei ADS 2.0 high-order intelligent driving system, which is carried by the new M7, is developed by Huawei, from hardware such as rising chips and laser radars to software such as computing platforms, cloud services and algorithms.

Therefore, the "L2.999" function created by this "original factory" full-stack self-research scheme is more convenient to optimize and upgrade than the way of external procurement, not to mention Huawei’s big data model as a strong support.

And then again,The cooperative relationship between Huawei and Wenzhou, which promises "not to build cars and help car companies build good cars", is closer than that between the general intelligent driving suppliers and OEMs.

The two cooperate in the mode of intelligent car selection, and the new M7 is jointly designed by Cyrus Huawei, which means that as a partner,Huawei has less communication cost and internal consumption of resources than traditional first-class suppliers in the new M7..

For example, in terms of intelligent driving, Mobileye has a low degree of openness, and it is difficult for OEMs to make detailed plans according to the specific requirements of their own models; Although Horizon is a supplier that supports all-round customization, it needs to stay on site to understand the demand if it wants to serve the OEM well.

However, the cooperation mode of smart car selection is different. Huawei can deeply participate in all aspects of vehicle manufacturing. Compared with the "outsider" status of traditional suppliers, Huawei is undoubtedly "its own" for the new M7 product.

This is more conducive to Huawei’s original to C experience, and instead it can be given to automobile products that are not so consistent with consumer electronics such as mobile phones.

The difference between this kind of user thinking and engineer thinking is whether consumers can significantly improve their perception in the use experience.

With the blessing of the user’s thinking, the new M7 can accurately identify the user’s demand for space and the overall comfort requirements, thus making a drastic upgrade to the product in only one year.

You know, looking back, the word "occupancy rate" was applied to the rims, and it also came from Yu Chengdong’s mouth. It is not surprising that the five new M7 buildings in the world can have the highest "occupancy rate" at the same level.

Or this year’s electric car committee of 100, Yu Chengdong quickly added a sentence after putting Huawei’s smart driving and smart cockpit as "the best user experience".

"This industry is very rolling, so the technology we provide helps everyone to roll together and provide a better experience to consumers."

In the final analysis, whether the product is good or not is the final decision after the consumer experience. The best-selling achievement of the new M7 in the world so far is the best explanation of user recognition.

03. "Real gold is not afraid of fire."

At the beginning of this year, when various car companies announced their 2023 financial reports one after another, Cyrus, which has a well-known new force AITO, also attracted a lot of attention.

At that time, it was discovered that Celeste, which owns the hot-selling car of the new M7, was the only one who issued a "performance pre-loss announcement".

It seems that this is somewhat unreasonable. How can you not only make a big profit but also lose money after selling so many cars?

In fact, Cyrus also made a corresponding explanation in the announcement, which is simply:

R&D costs too much! Before the new M7 went on the market, it didn’t sell enough cars, and after it went on the market, it had to engage in marketing. When the new M7 went on the market, the profit would be better!

If people thought it was hard to say what they said at that time, there is still a lot of credibility when they look at it now.

Because ..Another partner in the world, Huawei’s smart car selection business has turned losses into profits in the first three months of this year!

And Yu Chengdong made it clear that the big sale of the new M7 in the world was the main reason for Huawei’s smart car selection business to turn losses into profits.

What does this prove? It proves that the new M7 has the ability to become a profitable cow.This is particularly important for China auto market today.

Friends who are concerned about new energy vehicles know very well how fierce the competition in China’s new energy vehicle market has been in the past two years, which can be seen from the range of price reduction and more and more abundant product configuration.

With more and more models in various sub-categories in the market, users have more and more choices. This is of course a good thing for consumers, but not necessarily for enterprises.

Because the price war, which sees the bayonet red, depresses the profits of everyone in the supply chain.If the premium capacity of the product itself is not high enough, then the range of price reduction that can be tolerated is limited, and it can’t stand the protracted knockout.

(At present, the average transaction price of new M7 bicycles in the world is more than 270,000.)

At the very least, the starting price of 249,800 yuan for the new M7 in Wenjie has pulled the positioning to the high-end car field with more profit margin, and at the same time, it has also formed an ecological space of dislocation competition with competing products such as ideal L7 and Tucki G9.

In particular, the six-seat version of the new M7 from 269,800 (although without the advanced version of Huawei ADS) can be said to be the cheapest and comfortable six-seat car at present.

As for the new version of the new M7, it is obviously adjusted and launched in real time according to the market dynamics. I believe that with the new version of the new M7, it can continue to contribute to the sales volume.

Write it at the end

In April of 2024, China’s new car-making forces, which have gone through rounds of reshuffle, are already very different from those when new energy sources emerged a few years ago.

The car that has experienced a low sales volume has now stood firm with the product sequence of its three models. Among them, the new M7, as the most popular car by far, has a particularly important significance.

It can be predicted that for a long time to come, China’s new energy market will still take "killing" as the key word.

However, the new M7 in Wenjie timely launched a new version to meet the needs of different users, and also launched a new car purchase right for cash cars (limited time car purchase can enjoy the rights with a maximum value of 42,000 yuan), which obviously provided new ammunition for future sales.

Then, what contribution can the new version make to the sales of the new M7 with the new car purchase rights? Let the market performance in the near future explain it!