Volvo XC90, a high-quality luxury SUV with safety, health and environmental protection.

What is a qualified luxury SUV?

I believe everyone’s answer is different. Is it a beautiful shape? Is it a luxurious technology configuration? Is it the ultimate safety performance? Is it high-quality materials? These are all elements that a qualified luxury SUV should have. If you want to concretize a qualified luxury SUV, you can take a look at Volvo’s flagship product XC90.

1. If safety comes first in luxury, Volvo XC90 is the flagship.

There is a famous saying in the automobile circle that "safety is the greatest luxury".

Volvo brand has always been a leader in safety, and it is recognized as an automobile brand with outstanding safety reputation all over the world. It has introduced many automobile safety technologies and unconditionally opened them for other automobile brands to use. For example, the three-point seat belt for automobiles was invented by Volvo in 1959, which confined the user’s shoulders, abdomen and crotch to the seat by means of three connection points, so as to prevent the vehicle from braking quickly or colliding with the vehicle in front, and the user left the seat due to the thrust of speed. The invention has saved more than. As the flagship product of Volvo brand, it can be said responsibly that the safety performance of XC90 is undoubtedly the existence of ceiling level.

Volvo XC90 A high-quality luxury SUV- with safety, health and environmental protection-Figure 1

First of all, in terms of basic hardware facilities, Volvo XC90 adopts the cage-type safety car body with the highest safety in the industry, and at the same time, it also uses 33% ultra-high strength boron steel, which can withstand 3-4 times the pressure of ordinary steel per square centimeter. Such a combination of strength and strength can provide extremely high rigidity and torsion resistance to protect the structural integrity of the cockpit, provide better protection in collision, and create a protective cage for all passengers. Such a strong foundation has won the reputation of "road tank" in Northern Europe for Volvo XC90. Of course, we don’t want accidents to happen, but having such a strong "confidence" to escort our families, doesn’t it make us feel more at ease while driving?

Volvo XC90 A high-quality luxury SUV- with safety, health and environmental protection-Figure 2

In addition to powerful hardware, the Volvo XC90 also has advanced and complete intelligent driving assistance functions, including the Pilot Assist navigation assistance system and the City- Safety urban intelligent safety system as standard, to protect your normal driving.

When you are driving at a high speed, the Pilot Assist navigation assistance system on XC90 can provide a more comfortable and intelligent driving experience. PA navigation assistance system can not only keep the speed and distance between the vehicle and the vehicle in front, but also ensure that the vehicle is placed in the middle of the lane, or ensure that the vehicle is placed in the middle of the lane when there is no vehicle in front. Together with LKA lane maintenance assistance system, the driver’s hands are completely liberated, frequent fatigue operation of the driver is reduced, and a more secure and relaxed car experience is provided. In case of an emergency on the road, such as sudden braking, lane change or obvious foreign objects on the road, vehicles will actively intervene and actively avoid risks to minimize the probability of collision accidents.

2, health and environmental protection is luxury, Volvo XC90 is the ceiling.

In order to ensure the health of family members, the environmental protection degree and air quality of interior materials can be said to be extremely important.

There are many fabrics, leather materials and glue used in the interior of automobiles. The interior fabrics of Volvo XC90, including the top lining, floor mats, luggage cushions and seat belts, have all been tested and passed the world’s most stringent fabric grading standard-Oeko-Tex 100 hypoallergenic standard certification of the International Environmental Textile Association, and it is the only automobile manufacturer in the industry that has passed this certification. The seat is made of leather that has passed the EU environmental protection label, which ensures every detail that the user touches. It is not only healthy and environmentally friendly, but also allergen-free, and protects the young skin of children.

Volvo XC90 A high-quality luxury SUV- with safety, health and environmental protection-Figure 3

In addition to leather and fabrics, Volvo XC90 also uses healthier and more environmentally friendly SSD water-soluble sprayable damping materials and water-based adhesives on the gasket and colloid that consumers can’t see. SSD water-soluble sprayable damping materials replace traditional asphalt damping gaskets, and the content of harmful substances with almost no odor is almost zero, and the formaldehyde content is the lowest at the same level. Even if it is exposed to high temperature, there is no need to worry.

Volvo XC90 A high-quality luxury SUV- with safety, health and environmental protection-Figure 4

Waterborne glue is an environmentally friendly water-borne liquid sound insulation and noise reduction material, which can not only improve the air quality inside the car, but also effectively reduce the noise and vibration generated during the overall operation of the car and create a quiet and comfortable driving environment for the owner.

In the interior of the car, there are also a lot of metal parts. In order to improve the gloss of metal parts, most automobile brands will add nickel, which is easy to cause skin nickel allergy. Moreover, the metal parts in the car can easily attract the attention of babies, and it is not good for babies to touch them with their hands and put them in their mouths.

Volvo XC90 A high-quality luxury SUV- with safety, health and environmental protection-Figure 5

In Volvo’s interior, all the metal parts have been treated by the European Union’s jewelry-grade standards to prevent nickel leakage. Among the components that people often come into contact with, such as door handles, keys, shift levers, etc., it is strictly forbidden to use nickel. Even for the components that are often overlooked, such as handbrake and steering wheel LOGO, Volvo strictly carries out nickel leakage prevention treatment and conducts contact allergy tests. It is worth mentioning that Volvo not only strictly controls nickel, including lead, antimony, chromium and other metal elements, but also strictly prohibits it from appearing in Volvo interiors.

Volvo XC90 A high-quality luxury SUV- with safety, health and environmental protection-Figure 6

It is under such layers of green, safe and environmentally friendly materials that the indexes of volatile matter in Volvo cars are far better than those in "Guidelines for Air Quality Evaluation in Passenger Cars", with the highest index being better than 1,500 times, and the test results of some indexes even approach zero, which is the world’s advanced level and a well-deserved green safety cockpit.

3. Humanities and technology are luxurious, and Volvo XC90 is the top one.

As a qualified luxury car, it is more necessary to combine the humanities with technology with temperature to show the connotation and culture in the details.

When entering the car, Orrefors? crystal gear lever adopts a national treasure rock crystal, which has been fired at 1400 degrees Celsius for 16 hours through 15 manual procedures. The brand has a history of more than 200 years, and it also provides special wine utensils for the Nobel Prize dinner. In addition to being warm and delicate when shifting gears, it seems to be a work of art, and it can also feel a strong luxury temperament.

Volvo XC90 A high-quality luxury SUV- with safety, health and environmental protection-Figure 7

In order to listen to nature, Volvo XC90 is equipped with Bowers&Wilkins? Hall-class audio, with 19 speakers, 12 channels, 1410 watts of effective power and full digital processing. It can provide four professional music appreciation modes and create an immersive listening experience with unique "space conversion technology" and Nautilus technology. In particular, the "space conversion technology", which enables engineers to collect more than 4,000 simulation data in the Gothenburg Concert Hall, allows consumers to experience the top concert hall effect in the car. It can bring four sound stage modes, including studio, independent stage, concert hall and jazz club, which can meet the listening needs of different users and provide powerful assistance in business communication.

Volvo XC90 A high-quality luxury SUV- with safety, health and environmental protection-Figure 8

Jianghu car review:

Volvo Cars has always adhered to the luxury concept of "safety is luxury, health is luxury, and environmental protection is luxury", while Volvo XC90, which is low-key and luxurious, is the epitome of Volvo’s brand spirit.

What is a qualified luxury SUV? There may be more than one answer to this question, but Volvo XC90 is definitely a required answer.