Cloud chariot -P is the confidence to look up to U8 and bid millions.

  China Economic News Network (Liu Chenxi)

  I’ve heard so much about U8.

  However, it has never been clear why this car is called "looking up", and it dares to bid millions and break the ceiling of domestic luxury cars.

  "Black technology" is a label that looks up to U8 since its birth. The times are progressing, and new technologies are emerging one after another. The "black technology" that is born at every turn has rarely mobilized people’s senses. With prejudice and curiosity about "black technology", I approached and looked up at U8. The more I learned about its first cloud -P, the more I was amazed at the poor words. Finally, I squeezed out a sentence to my colleagues and friends: "Do you know what colorful black is? The black technology of Yunqi -P is. "


1. Yunqi -P, the world's first exclusive intelligent hydraulic body control system for new energy off-road vehicles.

The world’s first exclusive intelligent hydraulic body control system for new energy off-road vehicles-Yunqi -P

  Yunqi -P is rich in functions, and it has achieved "no one has me, and people have me." However, it is not a dazzling skill piled up by technology, and every component accurately responds to the needs of the owner. Innovative technology enables high-quality development. Based on the intelligent integration of Yunqi -P vertical body control technology and the whole vehicle and the off-road advantage of intelligent hydraulic executive layer, U8 is expected to achieve both urban comfortable driving and off-road crossing capabilities.

  It can be said that Yunqi -P is looking up to U8′ s bid of millions, and directly breaks the ceiling of domestic luxury car prices.

  Overcoming technical difficulties and realizing vertical direction control by Yunqi -P


  Empower high-quality development with innovative technology and respond to market demand with technology landing. The richness of travel scenes has given birth to the diversification of market demand for vehicles, and the new energy hard-core off-road look up to U8 came into being.

  It provides a new solution for the travel experience of hard-core off-road users and brings modern civilization to the outdoor wilderness. Yunqi -P, the world’s first exclusive intelligent hydraulic control system for new energy off-road vehicles, is the secret weapon for U8 to realize this promise.

  For a long time, body control technology has given priority to horizontal and vertical control, while vertical control technology has lagged behind. In order to meet the car demand of users in the whole scene, BYD Group is determined to overcome this technical problem.

  BYD Group broke the fragmented development mode, systematically considered the vertical control of new energy vehicles, and comprehensively integrated software and hardware technologies such as perception, decision-making, control and interaction, and built the Yunqi -P intelligent hydraulic body control system.

  As the exclusive intelligent hydraulic body control system of new energy off-road vehicle, Yunqi -P is composed of intelligent exploration architecture, intelligent calculation center and intelligent control technology, which gives full play to the advantages of electrification and intelligence of new energy vehicles and builds a complete system architecture of perception, decision-making and execution.



6. Millions of new energy hardcore cross-country look up to U8

Million-level new energy hardcore cross-country looking up to U8

  Under the empowerment of Yunqi -P, the intelligent linkage between the key parts system and the whole vehicle is realized by looking up to U8, and the genes of vertical control system and horizontal and vertical cooperative control are implanted. The vertical and vertical body control systems can restrain the body from leaning up and down during sudden acceleration and sudden braking, which can effectively shorten the braking distance; The height of the car body can be adjusted with the speed, which can reduce the height at high speed to increase the driving stability, and increase the height at low speed and medium speed to ensure the passing safety. In cooperation with lateral control, the roll gradient can be reduced, strong support can be achieved during cornering, and lateral stability can be improved. Through the horizontal-vertical-vertical coordination, it is hoped that U8 will take the lead in realizing 3-to-6-degree-of-freedom body control in the industry, covering the requirements of vehicle safety, comfort, handling, off-road and entertainment.

  This is a new technological breakthrough for China Automobile after the easy Sifang technology.

  Many pioneering black technologies empower U8 to unlock the new hard-core off-road experience.

   With the empowerment of Yunqi -P technology, looking up to U8 can achieve both urban and off-road car scenes, so that users can gain the ultimate car experience and unlimited travel fun in all scenes and many road conditions.

  "No one has me". Under the empowerment of Yunnian -P, looking up at U8 can realize many unique functions: in the current mainstream off-road vehicles, only looking up at U8 can realize three independent adjustments of height+stiffness+damping; Only looking forward to U8′ s ability to independently adjust the height of four wheels, it can achieve front-rear leveling, left-right leveling and single-wheel leveling, and creatively realize the unique one-button leveling function in mainstream off-road vehicles. Only expect U8 to have 3-level stiffness adjustment; Only hope that U8 has the full OTA capability of intelligent hydraulic body control system.

  "People are superior to me". In view of the comfort pain points of hard-core off-road vehicles, Yunqi -P relies on the road preview system with continuous adjustable damping and integrated camera and laser radar to isolate the impact of wheel end jump on cockpit comfort. At the same time, looking up at U8, it has an ultra-long active adjustment stroke of 150mm, which brings super cross-country passability through ultra-high lifting, and the wading depth without wading throat can reach 1m. In addition, based on the four-wheel linkage technology of Yunxiao -P, the RTI value of U8 is above 600. In some bullet pits and rocky roads, it can avoid the single wheel from leaving the ground and ensure the effective output of four-wheel power. However, in case of emergency misuse such as flying over the sand ridge and falling on the slope, Yunqi -P can trigger the third-level stiffness to reduce the impact load by 50% to ensure the safety of vehicles and personnel.

  It can be said that the glory of science and technology has made U8 "super technology, extremely safe". A group of perfect-seeking autobots have started a journey of making cars to create an unprecedented dream cars for the users who pursue the ultimate.

  Science and technology are the primary productive forces, and innovation is the first driving force to lead development. BYD Auto, as a business card of China brand’s technological innovation, adheres to the strategy of innovation-driven development, empowers technology to continuously deepen vertically, and comprehensively shapes the competitive advantage of technological innovation. Such efforts are not only of great significance to China’s automobile industry, but also make BYD Group stand out in the global market.