What are the advantages and disadvantages of the new BYD Tang?

First of all, the advantages are: the cost performance is very high, and the interior materials are very kind. At present, the mainstream version of Tang sells for less than 25w, and you can buy a medium-sized seven-seat SUV with a very standard and relatively large size for the price of the hybrid version within 25w, so the price/performance ratio is really high. At the same time, the new Tang Dynasty, like Han Dynasty, has obviously improved the design and materials of the interior, so the interior is also a very big selling point of the new Tang Dynasty.

Advantage 2: the size advantage is obvious, and the storage space is very large. Although Tang is defined as a medium-sized SUV, the body length is close to 4.9 meters, so the advantage of the whole length is very obvious, and the whole design is also relatively square, so the utilization rate of the seating space is great. Then on the whole, both the storage space and the seating space are very large at this level, especially the space in the trunk is really spacious. Although the third row is not very spacious, it is no problem at all, so space and size are also very big selling points of this car.

Advantage 3: the powertrain has a lot of selectivity, and its battery life and performance are balanced. Tang also provides the DM-I hybrid version and EV pure electric version to choose from. If you need performance, you can completely choose the pure electric version, which can achieve the highest acceleration of 4.4 seconds. Overall, the performance is very good. Then, if you need cruising range performance, you can also choose the DM-I hybrid version, and the whole cruising range performance will be better. At the same time, the pure electric version of the three models can have a battery life of more than 600 kilometers, so the battery life performance is also very good, and a very good balance between performance and battery life is achieved, which is also a very big advantage for all models.

Let’s talk about shortcomings.

First of all, the first disadvantage is that the turning radius is too large and the suspension is too soft. As I mentioned before when I was talking about Han, the suspension of the old Han is obviously a little soft on the whole, and it doesn’t have much maneuverability, and so is Tang. First of all, the turning radius is really very large, and the suspension is obviously completely soft, and it is a little too soft for such a large SUV, which emphasizes comfort too much, so it is not so flexible to drive. You need to go to a 4S shop for a detailed test drive.

Disadvantage two, the brake is not linear enough, and the front section is obviously hard. First of all, for a pure electric or new energy vehicle, the braking performance is definitely no problem, but many models are obviously a little harder in the front section, so the release of braking force is not very linear.

Disadvantage 3: the waiting period is very long, and there are almost no existing cars. This is the same as other models, and the waiting time is very long. Now almost every car has no existing car, and it basically takes two to three months or even longer, so it depends on whether you can accept it.