Jietu Voyager 2.0TD 8AT Four-wheel Drive Conquest Edition is on the market, with a price of 174,900.

Travelers, as its light cross-country, have been favored by consumers since its tough appearance, strong power, intelligent technology and excellent price. Recently, a new model, 2.0td8at four-wheel drive conquest version, was launched, with a price of 174,900 yuan. This new model will allow users to enjoy the power combination of 2.0TD+8AT and the off-road fun brought by XWD fully automatic intelligent four-wheel drive system with a lower threshold.

Jietu Voyager 2.0TD 8AT Four-wheel Drive Conquest Edition continues Jietu Voyager’s hard-core style in appearance. The net is inlaid with "JETOUR" brand logo and connected with headlights, forming a unique front face shape. The headlights use LED light source, and are equipped with daytime running lights and turn signals. On the side of the car body, the window frame meets the corner, and the shape of the wheel eyebrows protrudes outward, showing off-road temperament. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4785/2006/1880mm and the wheelbase is 2800mm respectively. On the tail side, the new car adopts the classic "small schoolbag" design and is equipped with vertical LED taillights. In addition, the new car also has off-road parameters such as 28 approach angle, 30 departure angle, 220mm minimum ground clearance and 700mm wading depth.

In terms of interior, Jetway Traveler 2.0TD 8AT Four-wheel Drive Conquest Edition adopts a T-shaped flat layout, and the interior materials are exquisite. The seat material is a mix of leather and flannel. A 12.3-inch LCD screen is suspended on the center console, which supports Qualcomm 8155 chip platform and intelligent voice interaction system. The dashboard is also a 12.3-inch full LCD screen, which can display a variety of information and modes. The steering wheel is a three-spoke design, and has integrated multi-function buttons and shift paddles. In addition, the new car is also equipped with L2.5 intelligent assisted driving system, 540 panoramic image, keyless entry/one-button start, electronic handbrake/and other configurations.

In terms of power, Jietu Voyager 2.0TD 8AT four-wheel drive conquest edition is equipped with Chery Kunpeng Power 2.0TD, with a maximum power of 187 kW and a peak torque of 390 Nm. The transmission system is matched with 8AT gearbox. It adopts the sixth generation intelligent torque manager+rear axle intelligent cooperative work, and has the functions of automatic switching of four-wheel drive mode, automatic torque distribution of rear wheels, intelligent distribution of power output and so on.

In terms of car purchase rights, users who purchase Jetway Traveler 2.0TD 8AT four-wheel drive conquest edition can enjoy preferential policies such as a deposit of 2,000 yuan to 8,000 yuan for car purchase, 15,000 yuan, lifetime warranty of the first non-operating vehicle owner, zero interest for 24/36 period, 10% down payment, and five-year free traffic (6G/ month) for the first vehicle owner.

The launch of Jietu Voyager 2.0TD 8AT Four-wheel Drive Conquered Edition provides consumers with a choice of SUV with high cost performance, high value and high off-road performance. This model will attract young consumers who like hard-core style, pursue power control, enjoy intelligent technology and long for a light off-road life. If you are such a person, what are you waiting for?