Wang Xiaokun’s original solo single < Ding Dong > was officially launched to experience the musical passion in "Wang Rock".

The rock single Ding Dong, written by Wang Xiaokun and Joker Xue and co-produced by musician Sida Wu, was officially launched on the whole network at 10:00 on March 13th. With catchy magic lyrics, it was pre-emptive and matched with a sense of rhythm, as if it were in a figurative and gorgeous scene, and its music style was full of excitement and vitality, just like the impression that Wang Xiaokun has always brought to people-from the championship on the draft stage to becoming an actor in the film industry.

Wang Xiaokun joined Chaoshi Music with strength and released his solo single.<叮咚>

Some people may be unfamiliar with Wang Xiaokun, but in fact, his music works have a high degree of recognition in the industry. In the film and television drama "Beginning", which was a big hit last year, Wang Xiaokun sang his theme song "Wake Up", which was both popular and popular. The launch of this original new song also confirms the industry’s response to its creative expectations.

As the name implies, the first meaning of the song Ding Dong is the traditional onomatopoeia, that is, the "Ding Dong" of knocking at the door and the "Ding Dong" of doorbell-all of which point to the "Ding Dong" sound that breaks the silence, but also leads to the deep meaning of the song title: it is the signals that disturb the quiet life that make the "Ding Dong" sound, so it is better to treat all this unpleasantness with great care. The singer sang a loud venting attitude towards the world with a passionate and high-pitched voice; This is also a typical "king-style rock", with a hearty expression and comfortable hearing enjoyment, and the creative level of the strength school is fully demonstrated.

It is not difficult to see that since the signing of Chaoshi Music and "Double Chef’s Ecstasy" in Joker Xue in 2023, Wang Xiaokun’s continuous actions are precisely reshaping the public’s expectations. Once released, Joker Xue’s cooperative song "Galaxy Boy" touched the audience with healing resonance and gained praise from the whole network; In the music variety "No.17 Music Warehouse" broadcast a few days ago, Wang Xiaokun’s performance of resonating with emotions and skills was as bright as that of that year. Some netizens said: "When I opened my mouth, it was still the same as that of Wang XIII" and "it seemed to be 16 years ago".

New song<叮咚>Lyrics tear open the false face of society and give free souls a new place to return to.

"The good and the bad are all outside your door. Who’s turn to entertain you tonight? Who’s knocking at the door? Ding-dong Ding-dong ",the lyrics of the new song cooperate with Wang Xiaokun’s singing with a sense of strength, just like a white light tearing open the false face of social interaction and piercing the pain in the process of modern people’s communication: there are too many emotions in life that are difficult to distinguish between true and false, and only when the door is closed can you allow yourself to remove the disguise. The singer has the heart, and the listener has the intention. The song sings out the depressed emotions in the heart under countless occasions of struggle and numbness. The high-pitched sound is just a reminder: instead of continuing to wear a hypocritical social mask, it is better to abandon it completely, give the soul freedom and a new place to go, treat people and things around with sincerity, escape all unpleasant elements, and embrace the passion and love in life.

Wang Xiaokun, whose strength is online, constantly gives back to the audience’s expectation through her works, and she is also a legacy of Canghai among the current singers. The accumulation of works has also given Wang Xiaokun a solid creative foundation and a performance of avoiding arrogance and rashness. We look forward to more music works from Wang Xiaokun!