Suzhou Caohu: Love Gathering and True Feelings Passing

A few days ago, the Party branch of Kwun Tong Community, Caohu Street, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City, together with the Women’s Federation and the Commission for Work, launched a donation activity of "Book-wrapped Happy Childhood". The "Love Package" wrapped with 200 Yu Ben books will span more than 1,500 kilometers, cross hills and rivers, and be sent from Suzhou, Jiangsu to Tongren, Guizhou.

Since its release in early January this year, the activity has been strongly supported by residents in the jurisdiction, and a book donation boom has been set off in the jurisdiction. According to preliminary statistics, the first batch raised more than 200 books, including literature reading books, popular science encyclopedias, classics and reference books. There are not only books collected by residents in the community, but also new books carefully selected by Kwun Tong Community Women’s Federation. Each book is full of love.

On March 12th, volunteers from Kwun Tong community sent the sorted books to the post office of the jurisdiction for packaging, so as to help these loving books reach the new owners as soon as possible. "I hope that every book we donate can bring happiness and strength to rural children." Tao Lixia, chairman of Kwun Tong Community Women’s Federation, said.

Between mountains and seas, connected by love, small packages, across mountains and seas, young people in the two places are connected. The Kwun Tong community will continue to organize charitable activities such as book donation and charity sale, continue to do a good job in the ideological and moral construction of young people, fully promote the optimization of the growth environment of young people, and care for every "childlike innocence".