[Continue to write more stories about spring and enter the national new zone of special economic zones] Hainan Free Trade Port policy has achieved results and explored the "treasure" at the southernmo

Cctv news(Reporter Xu Yeqing): On June 1, 2020, the Overall Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port (hereinafter referred to as the "Overall Plan") was officially released and implemented. According to preliminary statistics, more than 110 policy documents have been issued. This series of support policies are like precious seeds, which are spread in every corner of Hainan and promote the smooth construction of Hainan Free Trade Port.

Cultural tourism consumption is "fruitful"

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the tax exemption policy for outlying islands, and the accumulated sales amount is about to exceed the 100 billion mark. In the tempering of time, tax exemption for outlying islands has gradually developed into a "golden signboard" in Hainan. In July last year, the new policy of duty-free shopping in Hainan Island was implemented, and the shopping quota was increased from 30,000 yuan per person to 100,000 yuan per year, and the number of times was no longer limited; The variety of duty-free goods on outlying islands is extended to electronic products such as mobile phones.

Haikong Global Boutique (Haikou) Duty Free City (hereinafter referred to as "Duty Free City") is a duty-free store in Haikou, Hainan Island. Chairman Zheng Xiangjun recalled that at the beginning of the preparation of the duty-free city, the international market was affected by the epidemic, and the production capacity of major international brands dropped sharply, the supply was tight, and it was extremely difficult to attract investment and purchase. "Despite this, we are still facing difficulties, and we are fully promoting the work of raising the tax-free sector in the spirit of nailing, which will continue to help Hainan’s tax-free projects in the outlying islands." The first phase of the final project was successfully opened on January 31, 2021 as scheduled.

"The activity is still quite strong!" Ms. Wang and Ms. Liu, who came to the duty-free city for shopping, both said that they had a good shopping experience here. It is understood that as of April 22, the cumulative sales revenue of the first phase of the duty-free city has reached 313 million yuan, and the cumulative number of shoppers has reached 270,840.

Haikong Global Boutique (Haikou) Duty Free City mainly sells perfume and cosmetics.

In recent years, rural tourism has also become one of the first choices for people to travel for vacation. In Yanfeng Town, Haikou City, there is also such a village with a new look.

Tourists are punching in at the "online celebrity" B&B. Photo by Xu Yeqing

Beautiful countryside, Yaocheng, has built a new model of "supporting government infrastructure, industrial investment by state-owned enterprises, sharing rural resources and guaranteeing farmers’ dividends" to build a beautiful village, which is ecologically orderly, harmonious with fields and hospitals, and dependent on enterprises and people. According to the relevant person in charge, the current "online celebrity" village is built on the basis of the original village, which combines modern design with the original ecological environment to create an "idyllic living room" in Jiangdong New District, which integrates homestay, pastoral health, business office, high-standard farmland planting and agricultural experience.

Comparison of the internal transformation of Yaocheng beautiful countryside Photo by Xu Yeqing

It is understood that in 2020, the number of tourists received in Hainan will increase quarter by quarter, making it one of the regions with the best tourism recovery in the country.

Major functional platforms "take root and sprout"

In order to promote the development of China’s health industry and the reform of China’s medical and health undertakings, in 2020, Lecheng Administration launched the "Global Special Drug Insurance" with system integration and innovation in cooperation with medical supervision, insurance supervision, customs, medical insurance and enterprises.

At the same time, relying on licensed medical treatment, licensed research, licensed operation and licensed international exchange, Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pioneer Zone launched an innovative experiment in an underdeveloped medical province. At present, Boao Lecheng Smart Medical Industry Complex can use more than 130 kinds of domestic unlisted medical instruments.

Promote the construction of Sanya Yazhouwan Science and Technology City at a high level. Focusing on the requirements of the Master Plan, Sanya Yazhouwan Science and Technology City will focus on building "one port, three cities and one base", namely Nanfan Science and Technology City, Deep Sea Science and Technology City, Science and Education City, Nanshan Port and global animal and plant germplasm resources introduction transit base. It is understood that Yazhouwan Science and Technology City has added 2,290 registered enterprises in the past two years, and 254 projects have been signed and settled.

"The grass is growing, and the spring mountain is expected." With the effective implementation of the policy system of Hainan Free Trade Port, the continuous improvement of the development environment and the increase of market participants, Hainan is bound to have more "treasures" worth exploring and excavating.