What is the CMA platform on LYNK&CO LinkedIn 01?

Chexun. com reported】 Since its official appearance this year, it has received a high degree of attention. In addition to its full-featured appearance, the CMA platform jointly developed with it is also the reason why it has such a high degree of attention. So what exactly is CMA? What models will this platform produce in the future? Today we will answer them one by one.

  Before talking about CMA platform, let me talk about the scalable platform architecture of its medium and large platform SPA. This platform enables different vehicles to share the structure, electrical system and system, and the brand-new XC90 and S90 were born on this platform. CMA platform is another vehicle platform architecture after SPA, which continues the flexibility, adjustability and high compatibility of the latter. It can change the basic parameters according to the design requirements, introduce vehicles with different sizes and functions and adapt to different power systems.

  Electrification of new energy is the key consideration direction of CMA platform at the beginning of design. In addition to the traditional power version, the models produced based on CMA platform architecture will also include plug-in and pure models, and a three-cylinder sequence will be developed in the most powerful Drive-E powertrain to support its new energy electrification strategy.

  It is the first product developed under the CMA platform that combines many trendy designs, such as split headlights, transverse mesh and prominent wheel eyebrows, but organically combines them to form a "neck" design sense. There are not too complicated lines on the side, and the simple concave and convex and the vane air guide slot make the side very capable. The blackened and prominent wheel eyebrows make the vehicle look tall, which is in line with the aesthetics of consumers in China.

  When I saw the interior at first sight, I almost mistook it for a perfect transplant, but when I looked closely, it was not. Too many details had their own new ideas, but the plain color preferred by the Nordic people gave me the illusion. The digital world on the left and the hierarchy on the right were distinct, as if the two worlds were blended, and the huge car screen did not look abrupt and fake. This 10.2-inch screen system was the origin of the English name LYNC.

  The VEP4 2.0T of Drive- which was also jointly developed was first put on the vehicle, with a peak torque of 190 and 300 Nm. Two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive models were available for selection, and the 0-100km/h was 7.7 seconds and 7.9 seconds respectively. In terms of transmission, it matches 6-speed automatic and 7-speed. In addition, in the world, the flatness of the new car is very high, and the combination of the former McPherson plus the later is adopted.

  It is the first mass-produced model of Lectra, which is built on the platform of CMA(Compact Modular Architecture), in which CMA architecture is the result of leading and joint development, and will be born on this platform. To put it simply, it is a sister model of "learning from the same school". They share the powertrain and the training.