Big brother "rolled" into the live broadcast room, and the marketing style of car companies changed.

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"This is my first time to do a live broadcast of smart driving, and I am very excited." On April 15th, Wei Jianjun, Chairman of Great Wall Motor, broadcast live for the first time, and measured the NOA of the whole scene of Great Wall Motor.

During the live broadcast, Wei Jianjun drove the vehicle from the complex "Liudaokou" in the center of Baoding to the narrow streets, and successively measured the driving scenes such as traffic light identification and intersection turning, obstacle identification and flexible detour, full scene lane change and lane line management.

Behind Wei Jianjun’s personal live broadcast, the live broadcast momentum of car companies’ bosses is fierce. "If you don’t do it, you will fall behind." For car companies, live broadcast has become a defensive business, because whoever masters the gameplay of Internet marketing will get the traffic that pours into the sky.

"The order broke 50,000 in 27 minutes" and "88,898 vehicles on the first day". After the release of Xiaomi Automobile, the driving force of traffic on sales volume is self-evident, which is hard to make the car companies "old guns" jealous. On the same day of live broadcast in Wei Jianjun, Xia Yiping, CEO of Extreme Yue, also announced the latest live broadcast experience, Extreme Yue 01, and invited Li Yanhong, founder of Baidu, to help out. Prior to this, Yin Tongyue, the chairman of Chery Group, Li Bin, the founder and chairman of Weilai Automobile, and many other "top leaders" of automobile companies have personally launched live broadcasts and call for their own products.

In Taizhou, Jiangsu Province, workers work on the production line of Great Wall Motor Taizhou Smart Factory. vision china map

Actual measurement without map and intelligent driving

Why did Wei Jianjun choose Baoding for the first live broadcast of Zhijia? Except Baoding is the "base camp" of Great Wall Motor, as a second-tier city in China, the road conditions are complex and changeable, and the NOA test environment in the whole scene is full of challenges.

According to the official test data provided by Great Wall Motor, the total mileage of this intelligent driving is 16.6 kilometers, with an average speed of 24.7 kilometers per hour, including 11.5 kilometers on complex sections, which successfully passed 33 intersections, with pedestrians avoiding/bypassing 7 times, vehicles avoiding/bypassing 12 times, navigation changing lanes 21 times and efficiency changing lanes 10 times.

"It is comparable to the old driver." During the live broadcast, Wei Jianjun talked about the feelings of NOA in the whole scene of Great Wall Motor. It is understood that the brain of NOA, the whole scene of Great Wall Motor, is derived from the SEE integrated intelligent driving model, which is the first integrated intelligent driving model in China, with infinite growth. As long as the data is continuously "fed", it can continue to evolve, laying a technical foundation for the evolution of L2 to L4.

It is worth noting that the NOA live broadcast of the whole scene of Great Wall Motor declared that "there is no plan to drive". According to Wu Huixiao, vice president of Great Wall Motor Intelligence, "no map" refers to high-precision maps. According to statistics, at present, the high-precision map of the intelligent driving system on the market covers only 6% of all roads, which means that 94% of roads cannot rely on high-precision maps to achieve accurate intelligent driving.

In this context, more and more car companies choose to "drive without a plan". Up to now, many car companies, including Xpeng Motors, Ideality, Aouita, Guangzhou Automobile, Huawei, etc., have followed up the plan of "driving without a plan". It is understood that Great Wall Motor’s latest generation of Coffee Pilot Ultra intelligent driving system has achieved 100% high-precision maps, and launched a full-scene NOA without high-precision maps, which can cover various driving scenes such as high-speed, urban areas and towns.

On April 15th, Wei Jianjun, Chairman of Great Wall Motor, made a live measurement of the whole scene of Great Wall Motor, and took a screenshot of NOA Great Wall Motor official micro-live broadcast.

"Roll" into the live broadcast room

Wei Jianjun’s personal "off-site" live broadcast is not only a demonstration of Great Wall Motor’s intelligent driving technology, but also a change in its marketing level. "Great Wall Motor is still too traditional." During the live broadcast on April 15th, Wei Jianjun made such a sigh many times.

"When I come to Weibo, I am very much looking forward to seeing everyone’s sharing. The voice of users will always be our driving force." On March 26th this year, Wei Jianjun opened Weibo and sent out its first blog post without warning. A few simple words made Wei Jianjun make headlines and quickly attracted the attention of many fans. Up to now, the number of individual Weibo fans in Wei Jianjun has increased to 230,000.

In the live broadcast on April 15, Wei Jianjun also said that it would increase the frequency of live broadcast next, and generously revealed the progress of motorcycle business: "The relevant motorcycle technology will be unveiled at this year’s Beijing Auto Show."

It is worth mentioning that in June last year, a group of senior executives of Great Wall Motor also opened personal accounts on Weibo, trying to be "closer" to consumers.

"You don’t talk about a lot of things, thinking that users know that this is actually wishful thinking." Zhou Hongyi, founder of 360 Group, once commented on the live broadcast of car companies. At present, live broadcast has become a new marketing method. Different from the live broadcast of car companies in the past, with the intervention of various digital circles, the "number one" of car companies like Wei Jianjun has come to the stage, which is no longer a rehearsed appearance at the press conference, but a more realistic live broadcast has become a must.

With the approach of auto china in 2024, how to stand out in one new car conference after another is a test of the marketing wisdom of various car companies. In the next period of time, there may be many car companies who will go live. For car companies, in 2024, it is necessary not only to roll technology, roll price, but also to roll traffic.

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