I firmly believe that the broken kiln can produce good tiles. My father sent his daughter to the children’s school of migrant workers.

Liu Hongwen and his daughter took a group photo at the gate of the First Affiliated High School of China Normal University. The picture is provided by myself.

  Dad: Liu Hongwen, 40 years old, the stationmaster of Zhongnan Station of China Teacher magazine.

  Daughter: Liu Lisha, 15, a former student of Dongsheng School in Hongshan District, is now a student of No.1 Middle School Attached to China Normal University.

  From the first day of primary school, Liu Hongwen deliberately sent her daughter Liu Lisha to Dongsheng School in Hongshan District, a simple school for children of floating population. A father with a high income sent his daughter to such a "grass-roots school" with average school conditions and teachers. This unusual move puzzled many friends: It’s not that he can’t afford money, why not let his children choose a school?

  Liu Hongwen laughed it off: "There is no word’ choosing a school’ in my dictionary." He firmly believes that creating a good psychological environment for his daughter is far more beneficial than creating superior material conditions for her.

  Liu Hongwen’s point of view has been well verified in her daughter. From elementary school to junior high school, Lisa has won dozens of national, provincial and municipal discipline competitions, and was named as a model student, an outstanding student in the city and an "outstanding sunshine teenager in the province". In the senior high school entrance examination last year, she was admitted to the No.1 Middle School Attached to China Normal University with a position value of 8.3, and became a star student out of the "grassroots school".

  "Children are not necessarily happy when they enter key schools. The key is to teach them to be a peaceful person. Only in this way can she bravely face setbacks and be creative," Liu Hongwen said.

  Firmly believe that "broken kiln can also produce good tiles"

  Referring to her daughter’s schooling, Liu Hongwen said that Dongsheng School was originally chosen because it was close to home. Before she was six years old, Lisa was clamouring for school. But before the age, the surrounding public schools don’t accept it, while Dongsheng School has relatively loose admission conditions and is close to home, and it only takes two or three minutes to walk.

  Liu Hongwen said that there are many benefits of entering school nearby. Children don’t have to go far to school and school, so they can study calmly with energy, and parents don’t have the burden of picking up and dropping off.

  "Many parents think that sending their children to such schools is inferior." Liu Hongwen doesn’t think so. He said that the cultivation of children does not depend entirely on schools, and family education is also crucial.

  Liu Hongwen is not worried that his daughter is with the children of migrant workers all day. He said: "The children of migrant workers are very simple. Compared with the children in the city, they are not competitive. Although they are poor, they are very happy, which will have a positive impact on Lisa’s growth. "

  "Broken kiln can also produce good tiles, and the key to learning depends on yourself." Liu Hongwen encouraged his daughter with his own experience. He is also a mountain girl. He was admitted to the university from Dahe Town, Huangmei County, and walked out of the mountain. Encouraged by her father, Lisa jumped to the top three in her class from the fifth grade of primary school, and was the first in almost every exam in junior high school for three years.

  Cultivate the sense of responsibility in learning.

  For her daughter’s performance, Liu Hongwen said that it was "not unexpected".

  He said that her daughter’s excellent performance lies in mastering effective learning methods. "I taught her to have a sense of responsibility from the beginning of primary school." After Lisa went to the fifth grade, Liu Hongwen told her daughter that good academic performance can reduce the economic burden of the family and contribute to the family. He calculated an account for his daughter: if the grades are not good, the school selection fee for junior high school is 9,000 yuan, and that for junior high school is 27,000 yuan. If you take three exams in college, the tuition fee is 13,000 yuan per year. If you take one exam, you only need five or six thousand yuan per year. "If you can go to school smoothly on your own, you can save nearly 60,000 yuan for your family. Not only that, the diploma and living environment after graduation will be very different. "

  "My daughter always wants to repay her parents. She regards studying hard and saving money for her family as her responsibility and turns it into learning motivation." Liu Hongwen said. In class, the teacher will read the text once, and she will read it silently. When the classmates read it, she will also read it and repeat it silently. Repetition is the most basic learning method. After reading it for three times, the text is slowly imprinted on your mind.

  In Liu Hongwen’s eyes, her daughter’s "promising future" does not mean going to Peking University or Tsinghua, finding a good job and earning a lot of money, but being a person with a peaceful mind. He often tells his daughter that a happy life is not made up of money. The key is to look at the mentality. "Taking a BMW is not necessarily happier than taking a tractor."

  Liu Hongwen recalled that her daughter had just taken the first place in the grade when she was in the first grade. When Lisa excitedly showed him the report card, he became worried. He knows his daughter. Once she wins the first place, she will always want to win the first place. Under such pressure, her mentality will not be peaceful.

  Lisa missed the first place in two quizzes in the second semester of the third grade. She cried bitterly when she got home and didn’t go to school the next day. Liu Hongwen asked for leave to talk with Lisa at home. He told his daughter that people will face competition when they are alive and must be competitive. But ranking can’t determine everything, and it doesn’t mean success or failure. As long as you can keep leading in the first camp, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. We should learn to face setbacks, adjust our mentality and find ways to surpass ourselves.

  "In the future, even if your destiny is to sweep the street, you should regard the street as a canvas and paint a beautiful picture." Liu Hongwen told her daughter with a smile that only people with a good attitude can be creative and change their lives.

  "Dad is my idol!" Liu Lisha told reporters that his father is a person with a strong sense of responsibility. No matter how much pressure he has and how tired he is at work, he will take time out to care about his study and life, and be meticulous about food, clothing, housing and transportation.

  Liu Lisha said that dad attaches great importance to communication with her, and takes time out to have a few meals with her every weekend. If he can’t eat temporarily, he will personally call his daughter to apologize. "I am 15 years old, but my father will always touch my face and show concern to me. My classmates envy me for having such a father."

  "I love my father very much. He is a person who enjoys life very much. His attitude towards life affects me and teaches me how to face setbacks." Liu Lisha said that her father is the leader of her thoughts, and she hopes to repay her parents’ love with excellent college entrance examination results in the future.

 Reporter Jing Wong

Editor: Gao Song