17 Olympic high-tech products appeared at the Computer Festival.

  The 5-day 10th Zhongguancun Computer Festival ended two days ago. According to preliminary statistics, the total amount of project contracts signed during this computer festival reached 27.7 billion yuan. This year’s Computer Festival has carried out a series of activities, such as Zhongguancun Development Forum, Trade Fair, Olympic Volunteer Swearing Meeting, and Zhongguancun Radio, Film and Television Industry Docking, which has promoted multi-party cooperation and exchanges in the high-tech field of "politics and Industry-University-Research". And for the first time, the exhibition of Olympic science and technology and culture was held, focusing on 17 Zhongguancun high-tech projects that will be applied in next year’s Olympic Games, such as "Xiangyun" torch and face recognition camera.

  Enterprise innovation support funds totaled 200 million yuan in eight years.

  At the closing ceremony, Haidian District Government awarded "Innovation Gold Cards" to some enterprises in Haidian Park of Zhongguancun. It is understood that in order to encourage and support small science and technology enterprises in Zhongguancun Science Park to carry out technological innovation activities, the Haidian District Government has set up innovation support funds since 1999. In the past eight years, we have provided financial support for enterprises by means of subsidies, subsidies, loan interest subsidies, etc., and supported 582 innovative projects of enterprises, involving six major fields, such as opto-mechanical integration, resources and environment, biomedicine and new energy, with a total amount of 190 million yuan, effectively alleviating the bottleneck of insufficient funds for small and medium-sized enterprises.

  At the closing ceremony, Lin Fusheng, acting head of Haidian District, released the investment promotion information of Haidian in the past year. He said that last year, the total production value of the whole district reached 152.3 billion yuan, an increase of 14.4% over the previous year. The total income of Haidian Park was 318.9 billion yuan, an increase of 28.3% over the previous year. Since the computer festival closed last year, the whole region has attracted social investment of 130 billion yuan, an increase of 85% over the previous year; During this Computer Festival, the contracted amount of the project reached 27.7 billion yuan.

  To commemorate the 10th anniversary of Zhongguancun Computer Festival, the "Lighting for 10 Years" session was specially set up at the closing ceremony. Representatives from politics, industry, learning and research in Haidian District jointly injected fluorescent liquid into the transparent ice sculpture with the word "10 years", and started the technology to carry the "rocket", which pushed the atmosphere to a climax.

  High-tech products compete for the digital carnival.

As the highlight of the computer festival, the "Digital Convergence Carnival" computer festival exhibition and trade will be held in Haidian Exhibition Hall and major electronic cities such as Dinghao, Hailong and Zhongguancun Science and Trade. Hundreds of manufacturers will bring thousands of latest digital products to the show, and the fashionable and cool new products will dazzle many people who visit the site.

  According to reports, the central exhibition area of this Zhongguancun Computer Festival is 10,000 square meters, including 5,000 square meters of indoor area and 5,000 square meters of outdoor area. The exhibition area is divided into scientific and technological interaction area, offline Taobao area, creative living area and other functional areas. In addition, this year’s digital carnival electronic store activity changed the situation of "each solo, competing on the same stage" in previous years. The Zhongguancun Computer Festival Organizing Committee took the lead, and the six electronic stores in Zhongguancun worked together to sing the big drama of digital carnival. Various kinds of activities were arranged in each hypermarket. Dinghao Electronic Mall, one of the sub-venues of the Computer Festival, held activities such as sports quiz to welcome the Olympic Games, display of new IT products, donation of campus trips, love gift packages and so on. During the festival, the number of people in the store reached a new high, with an average of 70,000 people per day and nearly 80,000 people on weekends, an increase of about 20% over the past.

  Golden Finger "Click" Zhongguancun in Global Entrepreneurship Draft

  DEMO, an innovative financial activity with pure American descent, was introduced into Haidian, which was a highlight of this computer festival. This large-scale annual forum, which has been successfully held in Europe and the United States for 17 years, shows the advantages of innovative projects to investors, entrepreneurs and global media, seeks venture capital and develops business partners.

  Yu Jun, deputy head of Haidian District, said that the DEMO activity, known as the Golden Finger Activity of the Global Entrepreneurship Draft, was introduced into Zhongguancun, and the holding of "DEMO CHINA 2007 and China Innovation and Investment Exhibition and Forum" would really help innovative enterprises to talk about international capital, with the aim of demonstrating financial innovation and connecting top international investors with high-tech enterprises such as Haidian’s financing needs.

  The reporter learned from the main forum of Zhongguancun Development Forum of this Computer Festival that the forum combines the current development needs of Zhongguancun, takes "independent innovation and endogenous growth mode of the park" as the theme, and discusses how Zhongguancun can deepen independent innovation, build endogenous growth mode of the park, promote high-tech enterprises to "go global" and realize the transformation and sustainable development of growth mode through various forms such as keynote speech, round-table dialogue and three links: policy, academic and industrial.

  17 Olympic high-tech products staged fashion show

  The 10th Zhongguancun Computer Festival scientific and cultural activities and the swearing-in meeting of Olympic volunteers were held in the lecture hall of Renmin University. The theme of the party is the light of science and technology, shining the Olympics. On the stage, glamorous models took turns to show the high-tech products independently innovated by Zhongguancun enterprises in recent years. Against the background of strong live lighting and fashion music, the models held the "Xiangyun" torch, the face recognition camera, the membrane structure of the National Stadium, and the flexible thin-film solar cell in turn, and presented 17 high-tech products developed by Zhongguancun enterprises for the Beijing Olympic Games in the novel form of fashion show, all of which were applied to the construction of Olympic venues, security and other aspects.

  Interestingly, the appearance of several small robots aroused the interest of the audience. These little people, who have won the world-class robot soccer competition many times, can not only play football, but also make difficult horizontal bar movements that only professional athletes can do, and they are also methodical in playing Tai Ji Chuan.

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  Historical review

  Starting from the "Zhongguancun Electronic Street" in the early 1980s, Haidian Park, relying on the electronic market, gradually formed the embryonic form of various industrial clusters-high, moderate and potential. All this was witnessed by Zhongguancun Computer Festival, which comprehensively summarized the development of Zhongguancun from the aspects of technology development, product brands and market channels, and examined the performance of different enterprises in Zhongguancun.

  Today, after ten years of development, Zhongguancun Computer Festival has become an accelerator of Zhongguancun regional economic vitality, and has increasingly become an important force to promote the transformation of traditional industries and industrial optimization and upgrading.

  From the field of investment projects of the 5th Zhongguancun Computer Festival, the total amount of high-tech industrial projects accounts for about 27% of the total. The change of the Computer Festival shows that Zhongguancun has begun to change its role. With foreign capital, Zhongguancun will probably break through the capital bottleneck and transform from pure commerce to research and development.

  The high-tech component of the seventh Zhongguancun Computer Festival was significantly improved, and the contracted amount accounted for more than 50%. By the ninth Zhongguancun Computer Festival, the information industry, including high-end cultural and creative industries, accounted for 53% of the total contracted projects, accounting for 30% of the total contracted amount; The contracted projects and contracted amount of financial services accounted for 17% and 40% respectively.

  Through the contracted projects, we can see that the industrial structure of Haidian tends to be high-end, light and high-quality, the value chain dominated by high-end industries tends to be perfect, and the innovative cluster effect based on industrial clusters is more obvious. The situation of high-tech industry, cultural and creative industry and financial service industry is becoming increasingly obvious; Relying on the advantages of regional educational, scientific and cultural resources, building high-end cultural and creative industries has become a new breakthrough and one of the pillar industries; Modern service industry, especially the service industry closely related to solving people’s livelihood problems, has developed rapidly; The circular economy that meets the requirements of building a conservation-oriented society, energy conservation and environmental protection is getting better and better.


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