Zhang Yimou’s "Dialogue Fable 2047" premiered and Chen Daoming praised it.

1905 movie network news On the evening of June 12th, the second season of Dialogue Fable 2047 directed by Zhang Yimou opened its premiere at the National Centre for the Performing Arts. On the stage, all the masters of traditional folk art joined hands with the world’s top scientific and technological experts to present a wonderful concept performance for the audience; The audience under the stage is also Starlight Glimmer, and stars such as Chen Daoming and Li Jing are present to support it. In addition, Zhang Yimou’s family also attended the performance to support his concept work.

Chen Daoming Li Jing and other low-key appearances in the second season of Dialogue Fable 2047 were praised by the audience.

On the day of the premiere, Chen Daoming, Li Jing, Lao Tsai and other stars made low-key appearances. After watching the performance, Chen Daoming praised the performance as "cool" and repeatedly praised "old tricks or old tricks, which is really good." Li Jing, on the other hand, said that the performance was "very worth watching". She admitted that she missed the first season because of time, so she quickly came to watch the second season, and every program was wonderful. In addition, Lao Zai, a music producer who has just cooperated with Zhang Yimou in the Shanghe Summit, also watched the performance. In the interview, he thought that the combination of the most primitive traditional art and the most modern technology was "wonderful" and it was a completely different expression.

After the performance, the audience’s praise for the performance was endless, and they lingered on the unique conceptual performance form of Dialogue Fable 2047. In the audience, there is also a special audience from Beijing No.166 Middle School. The teacher who led the team said: "This performance has brought shocking and beautiful enjoyment and enlightenment to the children."

His wife Chen Ting and his eldest son Zhang Yinan made their debut to support Zhang Yimou’s new work.

At the premiere, Zhang Yimou’s wife Chen Ting and eldest son Zhang Yinan also appeared together to support Zhang’s conceptual work. I saw Chen Ting dressed in a white strapless dress, having a close conversation with her friends before the performance, smiling all the time, showing her "hostess" demeanor. Zhang Yimou’s eldest son, Zhang Yinan, dressed in a white sweater, introduced the performance with friends in his seat.

In fact, as early as the first season premiere of Dialogue Fable 2047 and the Shanghai tour, Zhang Yimou’s wife Chen Ting was there to support it. When making out the invoice for this season’s premiere, Chen Ting actively posted relevant information on social platforms to help promote the second season of Zhang Yimou’s Dialogue Fable 2047. It seems that Zhang’s continuous creation is inseparable from the support of his family.