Eat "bird meal" and dance "Liu Genghong" … China families set off a new trend of health.

  "Carbohydrate is not enough for fruit, grains rotate smoothly in the intestines, less salt and sugar are young and beautiful, and protein is always strong … …” This is the family diet view of Zhang Zhuoran, a post-80s office worker in Beijing. In her opinion, developing healthy eating habits and starting a happy day from a healthy breakfast will lead to a happy life.

  Family is a warm harbor of life, and a good family style is fertile ground for spiritual growth. On the occasion of the International Family Day on May 15th, the reporter learned that the pursuit of health has increasingly become a family style in the new era.

  Zhang Zhuoran’s healthy breakfast. (Photo courtesy of China Family Planning Association)

  "Healthy China Action (2019— In 2030), it is proposed to advocate the concept that everyone is the first responsible person for their own health, stimulate residents’ enthusiasm for loving and pursuing health, and develop a healthy lifestyle that conforms to their own and family characteristics.

  The health of a small family is related to the well-being of the country. In order to make families eat healthily, the China Family Planning Association, in conjunction with relevant departments, launched an excellent case collection activity of "Baby Meal for Pregnant Mothers", advocated the "Bird Meal" for maternal and child nutrition, mobilized the families of pregnant women and infants to take action, practiced the scientific concept of prenatal and postnatal care, paid attention to food safety and reasonable diet, and practiced economy and opposed waste.

  Milk-flavored pumpkin strips, chicken and vegetable omelet, colorful millet porridge … … The creative "bird meal" with balanced nutrition and exquisite economy is sought after by netizens. In 2021, two issues of the theme live broadcast of "Bird Meal for All" attracted more than 1.2 million people to watch online, and the topic of "Bird Meal" in Weibo was on the hot search, with an interactive reading volume of nearly 60 million.

  A balanced, economical and exquisite "bird meal". (Photo courtesy of China Family Planning Association)

  Like "bird meal", many new healthy eating habits are quietly popular in China families — — Some families "cook" to match the nutrition of three meals with "China residents’ balanced diet pagoda"; Limited salt spoons, limited oil pots and healthy waistlines, which are called "three small pieces" of health, have become "standard" for some families.

  The daily salt intake per capita is not higher than 5g, and the daily edible oil intake per adult is not higher than 25g to 30g … … Tian Linlin, an employee of the Animal Husbandry Development Service Center in Pingyin County, Shandong Province, is familiar with these health knowledge. She taught herself the course of health manager, which not only passed on the concept of health to her family, but also applied what she learned to cooking and improved the nutritional status of her family.

  "Tongue tip health" is only a part of family health. Use wearable devices to monitor health indicators such as heart rate, do "Liu Genghong" aerobics or do parent-child yoga to create a clean and tidy room and courtyard & HELIP; … China’s family’s ways of pursuing health are increasingly diverse and fashionable.

  "The fat at the waist is smashed, and I want the mermaid line and vest line!" Accompanied by dynamic music and passionate explanations, young people, known as "Liu Genghong Girls" and "Liu Genghong Boys", take home aerobics as a daily compulsory course.

  Nowadays, the pursuit of health has become the consciousness of many families. Mao Qun An, director of the Planning, Development and Informatization Department of the National Health and Wellness Commission, recently introduced at a news conference in National Health Commission that at present, the proportion of people who regularly participate in physical exercise in China has reached 37.2%, and the health literacy level of residents has reached 23.15%.

  The change of family health style benefited from the promotion of a series of family health promotion measures.

  In 2019, the State Council issued a document to promote the implementation of the Healthy China Campaign nationwide, organized 15 special campaigns, including health knowledge popularization, reasonable diet and national fitness, took effective intervention measures in all directions, vigorously advocated a healthy and civilized lifestyle, and strived to improve the health literacy of the whole people.

  In recent years, the China Family Planning Association has joined forces with various departments to carry out family health promotion actions throughout the country to strengthen health guidance and services for children, adolescents, people of childbearing age and middle-aged and elderly people; Around the popularization of civilized and healthy eating knowledge, the construction of healthy home environment and the cultivation of healthy lifestyle, various family health promotion activities are carried out throughout the country every year. In 2021 alone, more than 80,000 activities attracted more than 52 million people to participate.

  The live broadcast of the theme of "Eating Birds for All" in the 2021 Family Health Theme Promotion Campaign. (Photo courtesy of China Family Planning Association)

  In the future, how to help more family members to be the "first responsible person" of their own health? In Hunan and other places, a new "occupation" is "online".

  "Family health instructors come home every Monday morning to help me measure my blood sugar and blood pressure and do back massage, which helps me solve many problems." Zhang Yixin, 73, from the Jingyuan Community of Keda, Sifangping Street, Kaifu District, Changsha City, Hunan Province, said.

  It is understood that since the pilot project of family health promotion of China Family Planning Association settled in Hunan for two years, the province has built more than 8,000 family health service places at the county, township and village levels, and trained and developed more than 20,000 family health instructors.

  Every village (neighborhood) trains at least one family health instructor, and every family trains a healthy "understanding person" to build a "bridge" for health knowledge to enter the family; In some places in Changsha, family health service centers, health huts, health guidance stations and other family health service places are gradually building a "15-minute health service circle".

  "China is a big country with a population of 1.4 billion, and the number of families exceeds 490 million. Families play an important role in the development of personal health behaviors and the inheritance of fine culture." Adan, deputy secretary-general of China Family Planning Association, said that China Family Planning Association will continue to explore the experience and practice of promoting family health, enrich the forms of family health promotion activities, enhance family health awareness and health literacy, and strive to make greater contributions to the construction of a healthy China. (Reporter Tian Xiaohang)