Many gyms in Beijing are back to full capacity! Reminder: Don’t be tired and exercise in the early days of Yangkang.

  Jogging, light aerobic and gradual strength training … … As more and more fitness enthusiasts restart their exercise, the excitement in the gym is back. The reporter recently visited a number of gymnasiums in Beijing, and found that many gymnasiums have returned to full capacity, and the equipment and aerobic exercise areas are no longer vacant. Some gymnasiums even have equipment waiting in line for use.

  Wearing a ponytail and fitness gloves, Ms. Xiao, a white-collar worker who has been "Yangkang" for 3 weeks, has been trying to restore strength training since last week. In the Songjiazhuang store of Leke Sports, she took out a barbell and skillfully installed the iron plate. With a deep breath, she slowly lifted the barbell from the ankle to the hip, and so on. Ms. Xiao told reporters: "Recently, there are more and more people coming to the gym. Sometimes during the peak period, you have to queue up to use bench press, gantry and other equipment."

  At 6: 00 p.m. on January 8, in addition to Ms. Xiao, there were nearly 20 members training in the gym of Songjiazhuang Store of Leke Sports. In the equipment area, some people hold dumbbells in their hands to train their arm muscles, and some people are doing squat exercises with the help of equipment; In the aerobic exercise area, there are also many young people sweating on the treadmill. To count the most "burning" area, it has to be the classroom. Accompanied by dynamic lighting and rhythmic music, more than 10 students danced with the coach. "The exercise class is particularly hot, and the courses next Wednesday are all full." Ms. Wang, a student, said that since she became "Yangkang", she has maintained two or three exercises a week. In order to take care of everyone’s physical condition, many courses have also been reduced in intensity, and teachers will always remind everyone to have a proper rest during class.

  The person in charge of the Music Carving Movement said in an interview that after New Year’s Day, the passenger flow of the Music Carving Store began to gradually recover, and the overall passenger flow has recovered to 40% to 50%. At present, all the stores in Beijing have been 100% resumed.

  The reporter noticed that not only the music carving movement, but also the exercises of chain gymnasiums such as Keepland and Super Orangutan were full. Mr. Long, a citizen, told reporters that I wanted to make an appointment for the shaping barbell exercise of Super Orangutan International Trade Store this Monday, but I found that it was already full. At 12 noon on January 8, the reporter also saw in the Keepland Puhuangyu Xincheng Square Store that a class of nearly 20 people was full, and the students practiced Zumba under the demonstration of the coach and sweated heartily. "The exercises this afternoon are all full." Student Ms. Hu said.

  "At present, most coaches and users are still in ‘ Yangkang ’ After the recovery period, we attach great importance to sports safety and rehabilitation needs. " The relevant person in charge of Keepland said that each store will reasonably arrange the intensity, density and difficulty of the course to match the needs of customers to gradually resume exercise after "Yangkang". At present, there are 26 Keepland stores in Beijing, and the rest are gradually recovering. At the same time, the relevant person in charge of the music carving movement also reminded the citizens and friends after "Yangkang" that low-intensity restorative training should be given priority to in the initial stage, and during the training period, they should pay attention to the changes of their heart rate, breathing and other physical conditions; After the training, you should pay attention to rest and nutrition supplement, and don’t be tired and exercise.