Tik Tok Red People on the Short Video: From "Amateur" to online celebrity in 15 seconds

Liu Xiye, the TV host, is a walking expression pack on the Tik Tok. All the pictures in this article are Chutian Metropolis Daily.
According to relevant data released not long ago, in the first quarter of this year, Tik Tok downloaded 45.8 million times, surpassing Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc., and became the most downloaded iPhone application in the world.

Nowadays, the so-called "10 hipsters and 9 shakes", from the elderly to children, Tik Tok, a short video product, has become one of the biggest traffic positions on the Internet. Just as the live broadcast made a lot of network anchors popular in those years, Tik Tok also gathered a large number of celebrities, whose popularity was fast and their income was comparable to that of stars.

In Wuhan, there are also such a group of Tik Tok reds who are reaping dividends under the tide of fan economy.

It only takes 15 seconds for an amateur to become a red man.

Set up a mobile phone, perform funny performances, and then after simple editing, a 15-second short video of vibrato will be released in a few minutes.

On May 8th, in Wuchang Nanhu Creative World Park, Chen Long showed reporters the production process of short vibrato video. At the age of 28, he has 333,000 fans on Tik Tok, published 125 works and gained 4.12 million likes. "The short video of vibrato is very easy to use, time-consuming and short, and even’ Xiaobai’ can play." Chen Long said. His job is a new media editor, and he was a contract writer under Jing M.Guo in his early years and published a book. In March of this year, he started playing Tik Tok, but it got out of hand.

Most of his Tik Tok works are funny jokes, and he teaches everyone to read English in a funny way. Chen Long, who lived in London for a period of time, has a very standard British pronunciation, which is very popular with young people in a humorous way. His fourth Tik Tok work won more than 20 million views and more than 100,000 likes, and brought him more than 100,000 fans.

Like Chen Long, many people started playing Tik Tok around the Spring Festival this year. As long as a short video is popular, it is normal to harvest tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of fans.

From an amateur to a big V star, Tik Tok shortened the time for a person to become famous to 15 seconds. "Tik Tok advocates grassroots culture, so that everyone has equal exposure opportunities." An industry insider said. Compared with other platforms, Tik Tok’s concept of traffic pool makes it easier for grassroots to become popular overnight.

Tik Tok red man Chen Long works in a new media company, and his video style is rather funny.

The more novel the content, the more popular it is.

What is the most popular content on Tik Tok?

Many Tik Tok reds replied: It’s funny, creative and grounded.

Liu Xiye, the host of Hubei Satellite TV, started playing Tik Tok after the Spring Festival this year. She usually takes an elegant and intellectual route on TV, and she has gained nearly 800,000 fans by relying on the short video of "the improper daily life of a serious female anchor".

On the Tik Tok, fans saw Liu Xiye’s various antics, such as being ugly and greedy, and the effect was similar to that of Xiao Qingxin’s singing "The man who harnessed the horse is mighty and magnificent". Makeup artists, lighting brothers, etc. around her are often pulled by her as background boards. "Everyone usually has too much pressure in life, so they want to see something relaxing." Liu Xiyu said.

Usually, if you have any good ideas or see interesting jokes, you will immediately record them and find free time to shoot them. This is the daily life of many Tik Tok celebrities.

The anchor of the live broadcast platform has to last for tens of minutes as soon as it starts broadcasting. Compared with this, the short video of 15 seconds on the Tik Tok platform is more in line with the fast-paced needs of modern people. Moreover, the Tik Tok platform constantly explores the labels and gameplay that young people like, and provides a lot of special effects and brainwashing music, so that the zero-based "Little White" can easily make cool short videos. "The number of fans determines the rights and interests of players." Chen Long said. Users with less than 100,000 fans in Tik Tok can only upload videos with a duration of 15 seconds; As the number of fans increases, the permissions will be gradually opened. For example, the video duration can reach 60 seconds, and the live broadcast permissions and shopping cart permissions can also be opened.

Many of them became popular overnight, and many of them quickly fell. In order to maintain and increase the number of fans, Tik Tok players must ensure the quantity and quality of videos. Chen Long said that when he first started playing Tik Tok, he uploaded two or three videos a month, but now he uploads at least two or three videos a week.

An advertisement costs over 100,000 yuan.

In the user pyramid of Tik Tok, those red people who have hundreds of thousands and millions of fans can be described as people standing at the top of the pyramid. Advertising is their main source of income.

Chen Long revealed that his advertisers are mainly fast-selling brands, and an advertisement costs about 3,000 yuan. And he can only be regarded as "Xiaohong". Generally speaking, the higher the number of fans, the higher the advertising price.

The most popular Tik Tok V in Wuhan is called "Siwaige", with 5.666 million fans. He is still a sophomore, and the price of a single advertisement is more than 100,000 yuan. "Wuhan Tik Tok reds, advertising price is not high. There are a number of super-traffic people nationwide in Tik Tok. It is said that the price of a single advertisement is as high as hundreds of thousands and millions of yuan. " An industry insider said. For example, Fei Qiming with 16.78 million fans, the "bad face of technology" with 19.53 million fans, and Wu Jiayu, the "first sister of Tik Tok" with more than 8 million fans, have higher advertising prices than third-and fourth-tier stars. "Advertisements on Tik Tok are generally soft implants. If they are natural and interesting, they can’t damage the video content before they can get the platform’s crawling recommendation." Chen Long said. He just advertised for a hot pot restaurant and got more than 1.6 million views.

Tik Tok online celebrity opens a new blue ocean.

Today, Tik Tok has become one of the Internet platforms with the largest traffic. However, unlike the early oligarchs who divided up the traffic, Tik Tok is more like a battlefield where many red people compete for fans, so it is impossible for one to dominate.

Many red people who used to go it alone began to gather in groups and settled in Tik Tok in the form of MCN institutions (similar to net red brokerage companies). The Tik Tok platform also provides special small series for reds whose fans have reached a certain level. "Xiaobian will analyze your videos on a regular basis and tell you which video is the hottest and what content may be popular next." Liu Xiyu said. Xiaobian will also discuss costumes and lines with the red people.

And some brands and government agencies have opened official accounts in Tik Tok, opening up another blue ocean.

Previously, CoCo milk tea was about to lose in the battle for brands such as Diandian, and finally, with several Tik Tok online celebrity menus, it successfully regained a city. Haidilao’s Tik Tok hidden menu has also become the training content of the company’s employees. Alipay, Xiaomi, Airbnb, Honeycomb, IKEA, Pizza Hut, etc. have also settled in Tik Tok, trying to catch this traffic ride.

Even the marketing of Liancheng city and scenic spots has laid a sky on the Tik Tok. This year in Tomb-Sweeping Day, Tik Tok successfully brought fire to Xi’ an to "drop a bowl of wine"; During the May Day period, Tik Tok made Hongyadong in Chongqing the second tourist destination in China after the Forbidden City … "When a platform started to catch fire, there were relatively many opportunities for amateurs. Once the platform enters a stable period, the development of institutional accounts will be faster. " Insiders analyzed. With the creativity of only one IP and several people, this small workshop-style production mode is difficult to support content production and commercial realization for a long time, which is a difficult problem that puzzles all "wild online celebrity". The presence of institutions and brands may be the solution to this problem.

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