Which is more worthy of the Tiggo 8 PRO car purchase guide?

There are many people who blindly look at the vehicle dynamic parameters when buying a car. In fact, the greater the value, the better the experience. What I brought to my riders today is. Come and see it quickly.

Let’s take a look at the appearance of the Tiggo 8 PRO first. The front of the Tiggo 8 PRO looks very cold and looks very sporty. Combined with the domineering and stylish headlights, the grade of the whole vehicle is improved. The car is equipped with LED daytime running lights, front fog lights, automatic opening and closing, adaptive far and near light, delayed closing and so on. Coming to the side of the car body, the size of the car body is 4745 mm * 1860 mm * 1745 mm. The car adopts individual lines, and the side wall presents an elegant design style. With large-sized thick-walled tires, smooth lines run through the whole car side. Looking back, the rear of the car looks simple and generous, the taillights look very clean and refreshing, and with the unique exhaust pipe, the shape is sharp.

Sitting in the car, the interior style is very simple and meets the aesthetic standards of young people. The steering wheel of the car is very domineering and stylish. It is equipped with functions such as manual steering wheel up and down+front and rear adjustment, and its practicality and face value are not bad. Let’s take a look at the central control, with a 12.3-inch touch-sensitive LCD central control screen, which makes the interior style impressive and looks very stable. The dashboard and seats are equally eye-catching. The car is equipped with a sports dashboard and looks very fashionable and simple. The car uses a leather-like seat, which is wide and thick, and the overall ride feels soft and comfortable.

The Tiggo 8 PRO is matched with an automatic manual transmission (AT) gearbox, with a maximum power of 187KW and a maximum torque of 390N.m, with good power performance.

The car is equipped with driving mode selection, remote control key, rear wiper, interior ambient light, engine start and stop, etc., which fully ensures the convenience and comfort of the car experience.

After reading the above description, Xiaobian will make a summary. The Tiggo 8 PRO introduced today is not only eye-catching in space, but also the configuration has reached the mainstream level, and there is nothing to be picky about driving experience and space experience.