The rise of 24-hour smart gym experts advise novices not to experience it alone.

  Summer is here, and more and more people go to the gym to lose weight and get in shape. The reporter visited and found that a 24-hour smart gym is emerging in Guangzhou. Recently, residents of Runtian Yayuan Community in Haizhu District found that a new 24-hour gym focusing on "intelligence" and "sharing" was opened at their doorstep, and the cost was only a dozen yuan each time; Mr. Zhuang, a novice in fitness, has been exercising in an intelligent gym in Yuancun for two or three months, and the form of 99 yuan monthly card makes him go to fitness without burden … … What are the new features of this hot smart gym? How is the fitness experience?

  Text, map/Guangzhou Daily All-Media Reporter Li Bo

  Experience: unmanned management +24-hour business

  Recently, the reporter came to Runtian Yayuan in Haizhu District, where a 24-hour intelligent gym was newly opened. Compared with the traditional gym, it has a smaller area, less equipment and no bathroom and shower room, but it is equipped with basic treadmills, elliptical machines, Smith machines, flying birds integrated machines, barbells and so on.

  The store is equipped with intelligent access control, and you need to place an order in advance before you can enter. When the reporter placed an order, he saw that the cost of a person’s fitness for 1 hour, 1.5 hours and 2 hours was 9.8 yuan, 14.93 yuan and 26.83 yuan respectively.

  "This is a real 24-hour shared space with the gym as the carrier." Zhong Qian, the founder of the gym, told reporters that the intelligent gym is unmanned through intelligent systems and connects coaches, customers and venues through the Internet. He introduced that the smart gym has no fixed coach. "But we have a coach on the system, and fitness instructors can start classes in our venue. Customers can purchase private lessons through small programs. "

  Ordering in advance and using in the store are the most important ways to open the smart gym. In Wankeli, Jiangyan Road, Haizhu District, a chain brand smart gym that officially opened in October last year can also purchase cards online. The reporter observed that all members of the store have a black smart bracelet in their hands, and the whole gym can be unlocked by this bracelet. Mr. Hao, the brand media publicist of the gym, said that the biggest feature of the gym is "intelligence" and "24-hour business".

  Citizen: As long as 99 yuan is too attractive for a monthly card.

  In Huangpu Avenue in Tianhe District, many citizens from Carrefour supermarket stopped in front of a small gym with a green facade, and the words "24 hours" and "sharing" attracted the interest of passers-by.

  Mr. Zhuang has been exercising in the gym for two months, but he feels "ok" without exercise experience before. Mr. Zhuang said that the most attractive thing about the smart gym is the price. "It can handle monthly cards, season cards and half-year cards, and there are many options, while other gyms are generally based on annual cards. The monthly card has the lowest price, so it is only in 99 yuan. I have no fitness habits, even if I only come once, I will lose 99 yuan. " On the other hand, it is convenient. "I can get there by bike for more than ten minutes, and I can come at any time." Although the equipment is not as complete as the previous gym, my original intention is only to gain some muscles, so I feel that this small gym can meet the demand. "

  Mr. Li, who is also exercising in the store, said that the gym "feels ordinary, mainly because it is close". Mr. Li feels that the place is relatively small and the facilities are average. The biggest advantage is 24 hours. He expressed the hope that this small smart gym can increase ventilation facilities and bathing equipment. "The air is stuffy, and there is no place to wash your hands after sweating, and it feels dirty."

  Manager Wen of the gym introduced that this is the second store in Guangzhou. "Generally speaking, there are dozens of new customers a day. There is basically a 65% billing rate offline, which is relatively high compared to traditional gyms. " Manager Wen said that some people are used to exercising late, and the 24-hour gym provides space for this group of people. "There are still more than a dozen people at 12 o’clock in the evening."

  Gym: the market is broad and the cost can be recovered in one year.

  In Guangzhou, a 24-hour smart gym is nothing new. The reporter visited a number of fitness brands, and many said they had plans to continue to open stores in Guangzhou.

  Zhong Qian believes that the fitness industry is in its infancy in China, which has a huge market space. "With the increase of people’s income, more and more people will participate in fitness, so the whole industry is on the rise. Based on the population of the downtown area of Guangzhou, if you open one with a population of 20,000, you can open at least 300 to 500. This is a very broad market. "

  Zhong Qian calculated an account for the reporter. The investment of a gym store is about 150,000 yuan, and the venue rent is 6,000 yuan per month, including electricity and management expenses, which is about 9,000 yuan. "Well, 300 yuan’s turnover will break even in one day, and 10 customers will have running water in 300 yuan in one day. If more than 30 people come a day, the turnover will reach 1000 yuan and the cost will be recovered in one year. " He said that the two gyms previously opened in Shuiyin Road have stable members and achieved a balance of payments. The first store can currently have six or seven hundred orders per month. "In the future, the way of joining may be opened to attract more people to enter this market."

  Another smart gym team is also optimistic about the development of smart gyms. According to the statistics provided by the store, there are more than 500 registered members in one month, and 80% of them place orders. At present, the membership of two stores has exceeded 2,500. This year, we plan to open 30 flagship stores in Guangzhou. "Just walk into communities, business districts and office buildings like convenience stores, and you can use them in any store by purchasing membership services on the APP, providing users with a convenient and fast service experience."

  Expert: There may be security problems without management personnel.

  "24-hour fitness mode, we are also observing. At present, it is not a very formed model. " Ma Xueqing, secretary-general of Guangdong Fitness and Bodybuilding Association and special expert of Sports and Leisure College of Zhuhai Campus of Beijing Normal University, thinks. He said that the newly emerging 24-hour smart gym does have some advantages compared with traditional gyms: "For example, many gyms adopt the form of monthly sales, the opening hours will be longer, and the needs of young people will be met at some level."

  However, he also expressed concern about this kind of gym. First of all, 24-hour smart gyms are often independent of members, and there are no on-site managers. If members have an accident in the fitness venue, it will definitely cause very serious problems. "The biggest problem is security." Secondly, there are no full-time coaches in the 24-hour gym, and many coaches teach online through online registration, which is not convenient for management, and there may be some black private education.

  Furthermore, Ma Xueqing thinks that the desirability of 24-hour fitness mode is also worth discussing. "It is generally believed that the most suitable fitness time for people is from morning to afternoon, and it is recommended before 8 pm at the latest, so 24-hour business itself is not in line with the human biological clock. I don’t quite agree with this model. "

  For many citizens who are eager to try and try early, Ma Xueqing also put forward his own suggestions. He believes that the 24-hour smart gym should be aimed at experienced fitness enthusiasts, and novices should not experience this emerging gym alone. "It is best for beginners to make an appointment with the coach and get some professional fitness guidance; Otherwise, not only will you not get the desired effect, but it may also lead to injuries, which will dampen your enthusiasm for fitness. "