Intelligent robots made in China appeared at the World Expo to show the world the achievements in the field of artificial intelligence in China.

CCTV News:The innovative application of cutting-edge technology is one of the important features of this Dubai World Expo. The mascot robots made by China Science and Technology Company and 152 intelligent robots serving the whole Expo have attracted much attention.

This one-meter-tall, orange little guy is the most popular robot in the Expo Park. It can not only provide visitors with 24-hour greeting and interactive services, but also often participate in flash activities such as man-machine dancing with staff.

In addition, people can also see intelligent logistics distribution robots in the shape of cabinets like this from time to time in the park. Tourists order meals through mobile phones, and the service personnel put the food into the robot incubator after receiving the order. Under the guidance of automatic navigation and obstacle avoidance, the robot can easily transport the food to the designated distribution point in the park. After receiving the notice, tourists pick up meals at the delivery point and enjoy safe and seamless delivery service.

From entertainment, logistics to security and epidemic prevention, this series of intelligent robots with different functions are all designed and manufactured by Teslink Technology Group Co., Ltd. from China, which uses scientific and technological innovation to ensure the safe holding of the World Expo in the post-epidemic era.

The robots designed and manufactured by China Company stand out from the competition with many international high-tech companies by virtue of their diversified cluster intelligence and high-level intelligent interactive services, and have become one of the chief official partners of this Dubai World Expo, showing the achievements of China in the field of artificial intelligence to the world.