A-share afternoon comment: the index oscillated and consolidated in early trading, and the digital currency plate was among the top gainers.

  The index collectively opened higher in the morning, and then oscillated and consolidated. Many sectors, such as lithium extraction in Salt Lake, communication equipment and robot concept, were active. The digital currency sector was among the top gainers, and () and () touched the daily limit. Pharmaceutical stocks ushered in a cooling down in the morning, while cyclical stocks such as electricity and coal led the decline. The stocks in the three cities were mixed, with a neutral bursting rate and a general profit-making effect.

  On the disk, the power sector opened down, () fell by nearly 9%, (), () and () followed; Salt Lake lithium extraction plate continued to rise, () hit the daily limit, (), () and () followed; The Chinese medicine plate cooled down, () fell more than 7%, (), () and () followed; Digital currency plate moves up, Sichuan Chengdu-Chongqing daily limit, (), () and () follow.

  Plate heat:

  Straight flush hot stock list:

  Transaction review:

  At 09: 25, the three A-share indexes collectively opened higher, with the Shanghai Composite Index up 0.1%, the Shenzhen Component Index up 0.14%, the Growth Enterprise Market Index up 0.2%, and the tobacco and automobile sectors opened actively.

  At 09:30, the whole vehicle plate opened stronger, () rose more than 5%, and (), () and () followed suit.

  At 09:31, the semiconductor and component sectors opened higher, () rose more than 7%, followed by (), () and ().

  At 09:33, the power sector opened down, Wenshan Power fell by nearly 5%, followed by Hunan Development, Shanghai Electric Power and Ningbo Energy.

  At 09:34, the communication equipment sector pulled up and strengthened, () the daily limit, and Dingtong Technology, () and () followed suit.

  At 09:36, the agricultural planting sector picked up, and () rose by over 4%, followed by (), () and ().

  At 09:38, the digital currency plate moved up, Sichuan Chengdu-Chongqing went up, and the New World, New Capital and Creative Technology followed suit.

  At 09:41, the lithium extraction plate of Salt Lake continued to rise, Zangge Mining rose by nearly 6%, and Salt Lake, Keda Manufacturing and Chinalco International followed suit.

  09:44 The concept of coal continued to weaken, () fell more than 4%, and (), () and () followed.

  At 09:47, the Chinese medicine sector cooled down, and Wanbangde fell more than 7%, followed by Jianmin Group, Jiyao Holdings and Xintian Pharmaceutical.

  09:57 yuan’s concept of the universe continues to rise, and the New Cape, () limit, (), () follow.

  At 10:09, the cobalt plate continued to strengthen, () rose by nearly 6%, and (), () and () followed.

  At 10:26, the ice and snow industry rose in the short term, () rose by nearly 5%, and (), () and () followed suit.

  At 10:43, the industrial mother machine plate pulled up in a short time, () rose more than 4%, and (), () and () followed.

  At 11:00, the hydrogen energy sector continued to weaken, () fell over 9%, and (), () and () followed.


  1. Economic Daily: Promoting the development of rooftop photovoltaics should be avoided.

  The Economic Daily article pointed out that roof photovoltaic construction is a complex system engineering, which requires close cooperation between enterprises and the government. As far as enterprises are concerned, they must actively participate in the market rules and technical specifications, focus on exploring and forming an effective model suitable for roof photovoltaic propulsion, and avoid "radish is too fast to wash the mud". As far as the government is concerned, it is necessary to do a good job in the overall planning of the power grid, not to be absent in standardizing the behavior of enterprises and protecting the interests of the masses, but also not to be offside in the legal procedures of project management and bundling supporting industries to ensure its healthy and orderly development. To promote the development of roof photovoltaic, we should not make a sudden advance alone, act blindly, and be hot-headed because of the rising investment in the industry.

  2. National Health Commission: 182 local confirmed cases were added yesterday.

  National Health Commission: At 0-24 o’clock on December 27th, 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported 182 new local cases (180 cases in Shaanxi, including 175 cases in Xi ‘an, 3 cases in Xianyang and 2 cases in Yan ‘an; 1 case in Zhejiang, in Shaoxing; 1 case in Yunnan, in Kunming). There were no new deaths. There are no new suspected cases.

  3. The order for a new M5 car from AITO, which is jointly operated by Xiaokang and Huawei, exceeded 2,000 vehicles on the 3rd.

  The first model of AITO, a brand-new high-end brand jointly owned by Celeste of Xiaokang Group and Huawei, was officially launched in December. According to Celeste’s related person on December 28th, the order for the model M5 in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Chengdu exceeded 2,000 vehicles on the 3rd. Cyrus is accelerating the overall production scheduling to achieve scale delivery. Wenjie M5 locates a medium-sized intelligent luxury SUV, and WLTC has a battery life of over 1,000 kilometers, providing a full-scene smart travel experience. (shanghai securities news)

  4. People’s Bank of China: Today, a 7-day reverse repurchase operation of 200 billion yuan was conducted.

  People’s Bank of China: Today, a 7-day reverse repurchase operation of 200 billion yuan was conducted, and the winning bid rate was 2.20%, which was the same as before.

  5. The release of the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" for Medical Equipment Industry is the first national-level industrial development plan for medical equipment.

  The 14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Medical Equipment Industry was released on the morning of December 28th. The Plan proposed that by 2025, the foundation of medical equipment industry will be advanced, the modernization level of industrial chain will be significantly improved, the mainstream medical equipment will basically be effectively supplied, and the performance and quality level of high-end medical equipment products will be significantly improved, initially forming a comprehensive support capacity for public health and medical health needs. According to Wang Weiming, Director of Equipment Industry Division I of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, this Plan is the first national industrial development plan in the field of medical equipment, and will focus on seven key areas, including diagnostic and testing equipment, therapeutic equipment, monitoring and life support equipment, TCM diagnosis and treatment equipment, maternal and child health equipment, health care and rehabilitation equipment, and active implant intervention equipment.

  6. Fifteen departments, including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, jointly issued the Development Plan of Robot Industry in the 14th Five-Year Plan.

  Fifteen departments, including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, jointly issued the "Development Plan for Robot Industry in the 14th Five-Year Plan" today (28th). The reporter learned that the "14 th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Robot Industry" proposes that by 2025, China will become a global source of robot technology innovation, a gathering place for high-end manufacturing and a new highland for integrated application. During the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" period, breakthroughs will be made in a number of core technologies and high-end products of robots, and the comprehensive indicators of the whole machine will reach the international advanced level, and the performance and reliability of key components will reach the international level of similar products; The average annual growth rate of operating income of the robot industry exceeds 20%; Form a group of leading enterprises with international competitiveness and a large number of "little giant" enterprises with strong innovation ability and good growth, and build 3 to 5 industrial clusters with international influence; The density of manufacturing robots has doubled. (CCTV News)

  Investment advice:

  Soochow securities pointed out that the index continues to fluctuate, and the trend has not changed much. In operation, it is still recommended to be cautious in the last few days, especially for the adjustment of high-end varieties, which should not be blindly followed. In the short term, the low-volume varieties should be mainly ambushed, while in the medium and long term, it can be considered after the new energy is adjusted in place. In addition, consumer stocks can also pay due attention to the adjustment.