"Welcome to the Capital of Entrepreneurship, you are a family" College graduates attract the press conference of "510 Plan"

First, release the theme

Welcome to the capital of entrepreneurship. You are a family.

Second, the release time

At 9: 30 am on Thursday, September 24, 2020.

Third, the release location

Zijingang Hall, 3rd Floor, Alumni Building, Zijingang Campus, Zhejiang University

Fourth, the publisher

Yang Shengjie (member of the Standing Committee of Wenzhou Municipal Committee and Minister of Organization)

Xu Shuncong (Deputy Director of Organization Department of Wenzhou Municipal Committee and Director of Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau)

Hu Yongfeng (Deputy Director of Organization Department of Wenzhou Municipal Committee and Executive Deputy Director of Talent Office of Wenzhou Municipal Committee)

V. Moderator

Lu Zhaohui (Executive Deputy Minister of Propaganda Department of Wenzhou Municipal Committee and Director of Information Office of Municipal Government)

hostGood morning, friends from the news media and the employment office of colleges and universities! Today, we held a press conference at Zhejiang University, one of the top universities in China, on the beautiful Xizi Lake, to attract college graduates to the "510 Project". On behalf of the Wenzhou Municipal Government Information Office, I would like to extend a warm welcome to the leaders, distinguished guests, media friends and netizens who watched the live broadcast online.

In recent years, Wenzhou has anchored the goal of building a high-level city with the best talent ecology, formulated a package of talent policies, and made timely optimization and adjustment according to the new situation and changes in industrial development and talent demand. As a supporting measure of Wenzhou’s new version of "40 Articles of Talent Policy", Wenzhou recently issued the "Proposal on Launching the" 510 Plan "to Help" Millions of Talents Gather in Wenzhou "to further increase the preferential policies for recruiting college graduates. In order to let everyone know more about the policy, we invited Yang Shengjie, member of the Standing Committee of Wenzhou Municipal Committee and Minister of Organization, Xu Shuncong, deputy director of the Organization Department of Wenzhou Municipal Committee and director of the Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, and Hu Yongfeng, deputy director of the Organization Department of Wenzhou Municipal Committee, to introduce the relevant situation of the "510 Plan" and answer questions from journalists and friends.

First of all, please ask Yang Shengjie, member of the Standing Committee of Wenzhou Municipal Committee and Minister of Organization, to report the relevant situation.

Yang Shengjie, member of the Standing Committee of Wenzhou Municipal Committee and Minister of OrganizationDear friends from the press, friends from the employment office of colleges and universities, dear students, good morning! Today, we came to Zhejiang University, and invited so many friends from the press, friends from Zhejiang University Employment Office, and fellow students. The main task is to publish the "510" plan for recruiting college graduates. Here, on behalf of Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the friends who attended the meeting! I would like to extend a warm welcome to the college students who are interested in developing in Wenzhou!

A well-known TV series, Wenzhou Family, once aired by CCTV, tells the story of Wenzhou people’s "home"-centered entrepreneurship, condenses the entrepreneurial spirit of Wenzhou people who dare to be the first, and embodies the distinctive characteristics of Wenzhou’s entrepreneurial capital. It can be said that Wenzhou is not only a warm harbor for 9.3 million Wenzhou people at home and abroad, but also a hot spot for entrepreneurship for countless young talents. "Welcome to the capital of entrepreneurship, you are a family when you come", which is our most sincere invitation from Wenzhou to talents from all walks of life! This home is a "warm" home. We adhere to the concept of "the most priority, the most convenient and the warmest" and provide full-cycle and full-chain services for talents. When we come to Wenzhou, we can enjoy the highest courtesy. This home is an "inclusive" home. We have implemented a series of talent policies for talents in the world, creating a tropical rainforest-style talent ecology, providing a strong guarantee for those who dare to venture and fight, and entrepreneurship can be fully nourished in Wenzhou. This home is the home of "Endeavour". We have more than 1 million market players and more than 300,000 enterprises, and the struggle atmosphere of entrepreneurship and innovation is everywhere. If we take root in Wenzhou, we can find a life stage to display our ambitions. This home is a "dream come true" home. We encourage dreams and help to pursue them. Choosing Wenzhou means choosing a dream trip and the road to success!

At present, Wenzhou is opening its arms and expecting talents from all walks of life to join the "big family" of the capital of entrepreneurship. This time, the Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government launched the "510 Plan" to attract college graduates with the greatest sincerity, that is, "five 10", that is, 100,000 jobs, 10 policies, 1 billion funds and 10 major activities, and strived to attract 120,000 college graduates in about one year. Mainly based on three considerations: first, this is the Wenzhou action to resolutely implement the decision-making arrangements of "six stabilities" and "six guarantees". We insist on taking employment as the greatest livelihood, and more than 100,000 jobs have been discharged through city and county linkage and line cooperation, so as to provide employment security for college graduates, effectively protect the "barometer" of economic development and build a "ballast stone" of social stability. Second, this is a Wenzhou measure to fully implement the strategy of putting talent innovation first. We insist on recruiting college graduates as a basic project for high-quality development, seize the opportunity period of attracting talents, play a good "first move", accelerate the promotion of "millions of talents gather in Wenzhou", and contribute to strengthening the province with talents and innovation. Third, this is a Wenzhou plan tailored for college students. We closely follow the fact that the current employment situation is relatively severe, and provide all-round support and guarantee in graduation probation, transportation, post office service, renting a house, employment and entrepreneurship, so that the majority of college graduates can be gentle and comfortable. Generally speaking, the "510 Plan" implemented this time has three main characteristics: First, it provides a wide range of high-quality jobs, with 100,000 jobs, mainly private enterprises.It also covers the financial system, colleges and universities, education departments, state-owned enterprises and institutions and other fields, and there are a large number of high-quality jobs waiting for you from junior college students to doctoral students. Second, the policies issued are full of sincerity. On the basis of the existing "40 new policies for talents" version 2.0 and other policies, we have arranged 1 billion yuan of special security funds and formulated 10 special policies with full gold content around the most urgent problems that college graduates are looking forward to. During our one-year critical period, the policy coverage is wider, and the enjoyment target is relaxed from college graduates who graduated within 2 years to 5 years; Subsidies are even stronger, especially employment subsidies and rental subsidies, which are 1.5 times of the existing policy standards. According to preliminary estimates, the cumulative subsidy for undergraduate students in ordinary colleges and universities can reach 63,800 yuan, and the maximum subsidy for undergraduate graduates in "double-class" colleges and universities can reach 175,800 yuan. Third, the activities will be pragmatic and accurate. Ten talent activities will be held, including China Wenzhou Private Enterprise Talent Week, Global Elite Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, National Tour Talent Introduction and Yangtze River Delta Wenzhou Entrepreneurship and Innovation Conference, which will provide an effective docking platform for college graduates to come to Wenzhou for employment, entrepreneurship and innovation. The municipal party committee and municipal government attached great importance to this, and made up their minds to push forward the implementation with the utmost efforts, specially convened the deployment meeting of the "510 Plan" attack, and established a mechanism of bright indicators and progress notification to ensure that the job development was solid and the policies were realistic.

Dear friends, Wenzhou is the pioneer of reform and opening up, an important birthplace of private economy, and a hot spot for talents from all walks of life to show their talents and make great achievements. Everyone is familiar with Wenzhou. Here, I will introduce it in four sentences: Wenzhou is a heavy history book, with a history of more than 2,200 years. It is the hometown of the kingdom of Dong ‘ou, the birthplace of China’s landscape poetry, the hometown of China’s southern opera, the birthplace of Yongjia school and the cradle of China mathematicians. Wenzhou is a high-energy gravitational field. the State Council has made it clear that Wenzhou is an important commercial city, a regional central city and a national comprehensive transportation hub along the southeast coast of China, and it is also one of the 27 central cities in the Yangtze River Delta integration, radiating 30 million people in southern Zhejiang, northern Fujian and eastern Jiangxi. Wenzhou is an enterprising song, which has created the "Wenzhou model" that attracts worldwide attention, produced the first business license of individual industrial and commercial households, the first "town to city" and many other "firsts in the country", was approved to create the pioneering zone of "two health" development in the new era, and has successively built more than 40 national production bases such as "China Shoes Capital" and "China Electrical Appliances Capital". Last year, the GDP reached 660.6 billion yuan, and the total GDP in the first half of this year was 30.6 billion yuan. Wenzhou is a beautiful landscape painting with superior natural environment. It is known as "the southeast landscape is the best in the world". The scenic area accounts for about a quarter of the country’s land area, and the forest coverage rate reaches 60%. The climate is pleasant and the seasons are warm.

Today, Wenzhou is struggling to continue to write the history of innovation in the new era, striding into a new journey of faithfully practicing the "Eighth Five-Year Plan" and striving to create an "important window". The entrepreneurial innovation boom is surging, and industrial enterprises are full of vitality in generate. Nowadays, Wenzhou is more eager for talents than ever before. Our city is moving towards the goal of "trillion GDP, 100 billion finance, 10 million people and 1 million talents". Among them, "talent gathering" is the foundation pile and power source. I hope that the majority of college graduates will regard Wenzhou as the first choice for employment and entrepreneurship and start a new journey of a happy life. Nowadays, Wenzhou treats talents more favorably than ever before. Our city has successively launched the 1.0 and 2.0 versions of the "40 New Policies for Talents", which is the first in the country to introduce the "method of renting and selling housing for talents at the same time", with a 30% discount on the market price and a 50-70% discount on the distribution to talents, which is unprecedented in strength. I hope that the majority of college graduates will warm up and write a new chapter in a better future. Nowadays, Wenzhou can achieve more talents than ever before. Our city is deeply implementing the innovation-driven development strategy, making every effort to promote the construction of high-energy innovation platforms, and speeding up the layout of "one area, one corridor, one meeting and one room" such as the national independent innovation demonstration zone, the science and technology corridor around Daluoshan, the World Young Scientists Summit and Oujiang Laboratory. The second World Young Scientists Summit will be held in October, and the situation that the project will land in Wenzhou, the team will be established in Wenzhou and the results will be transformed in Wenzhou will become increasingly obvious. It can be said that the current high-level innovation pattern in Wenzhou has basically taken shape, the layout of high-level innovation platforms has been accelerated, and high-tech innovation subjects have flourished.Accelerating the gathering of high-quality innovative talents is the golden period for talents from all walks of life to display their talents. I hope that the majority of college graduates will seize the opportunity to jointly build Wenzhou and create a new legend of striving for youth.

Thank you again for your friends in the press and the employment office of colleges and universities. I urge you to spread our "Order of Recruiting Talents" and "Hero Post" to more people, and work together to implement the requirements of "six guarantees" and "six guarantees" to provide more opportunities for college graduates to find jobs. Thank you!

hostThank you, Minister Yang. Let’s start asking questions.

Reporter:Wenzhou launched this time "510The "Plan" will provide 100,000 jobs for college graduates. What jobs are included?

Xu Shuncong, Deputy Director of Organization Department of Wenzhou Municipal Committee and Director of Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau:The 100,000 jobs provided by the "510 Plan" attack are composed of six parts.

The first is the enterprise position. Based on the actual situation in Wenzhou, we guide enterprises to attract more than 80,000 college graduates, including more than 78,000 private enterprises and more than 2,000 state-owned enterprises, guided by the development needs of five traditional manufacturing industries, such as electrical appliances, shoes, clothing, automobile and motorcycle fittings, pumps and valves, and five strategic emerging industries, such as digital economy, intelligent equipment, life and health, intelligent networked automobiles with new energy and new materials.

The second is the system posts in various industries. Mainly in the banking, insurance, securities and other financial branches in Wenzhou, electric power, postal services, communications, transportation, energy and other units in Wenzhou, law firms, accounting firms, intermediaries and other service units as the main body, attracting more than 9,000 college graduates.

Third, posts in universities and research institutes. Support universities and research institutes to introduce more than 1,500 doctoral and master students, and explore the establishment of more than 500 research assistant positions in universities.

Fourth, posts in primary and secondary schools and hospitals. Promote primary and secondary schools (kindergartens) to introduce more than 6,000 college graduates, and medical and health institutions to introduce more than 1,500 college graduates.

The fifth is the position of government agencies and institutions. Encourage institutions and institutions to recruit more than 1,000 college graduates and develop more than 680 grassroots community workers.

In addition to the above five types of jobs, Wenzhou will also devote itself to developing new jobs such as Internet marketing to attract more college graduates to start businesses. At the same time, efforts will be made to promote the construction of entrepreneurial platforms such as college students’ pioneering parks, vigorously introduce leading talent entrepreneurial projects, and give full play to the positive role of entrepreneurship in promoting employment.

Reporter:Wenzhou’s "510 Plan" campaign has been specially set up.10What benefits can these policies bring to college graduates?

Xu Shuncong, Deputy Director of Organization Department of Wenzhou Municipal Committee and Director of Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau:In this attack, we have launched 10 combined policies, which mainly provide subsidy policies for college graduates in 10 aspects: employment, entrepreneurship, social security, provident fund, renting a house, buying a house, traveling expenses, post offices, internships and talent introduction. In order to let everyone enjoy this benefit better, relevant talents and institutions can apply according to the actual situation, including:

First, college graduates can enjoy subsidies when they come to Wenzhou for job hunting and internship. For college graduates who are employed in private enterprises for the first time, and fresh graduates who are invited to Wenzhou to participate in talent introduction activities organized by government departments, job-seeking travel expenses are subsidized. College students who come to Wenzhou to participate in internship activities organized by the government will also be given internship subsidies, and will bear the necessary expenses such as accommodation, transportation, communication, investigation, visit and comprehensive commercial insurance during the internship.

Second, college graduates can enjoy subsidies when they come to Wenzhou for employment and entrepreneurship. There are six subsidies here, including employment subsidies, entrepreneurship subsidies, social security subsidies, provident fund subsidies, rental subsidies, and housing subsidies. Take employment subsidies and entrepreneurship subsidies as examples. During the critical period, doctoral students, master students, undergraduates and junior college students who have graduated within five years will receive employment subsidies of 72,000 yuan, 36,000 yuan, 18,000 yuan and 10,800 yuan respectively if they come to Wenzhou enterprises for employment for the first time and pay social insurance premiums according to law. If the above-mentioned college graduates come to Wenzhou to start a business and serve as the legal representative or engage in self-employment, and pay social insurance premiums for more than 6 months according to law, they will be given an initial subsidy of 10,000 yuan; Those who have been operating normally for more than one year and continuously pay social insurance premiums will be given a one-time business start-up subsidy of 10,000 yuan.

Third, relevant institutions and units can enjoy subsidies to help attract talents. We make full use of the third-party forces such as talent workstations and human resources service institutions in colleges and universities to help Wenzhou attract more college graduates, and give certain rewards to institutions that have achieved remarkable results in attracting talents according to standards. For example, if the talent workstations in colleges and universities are determined to be qualified or above through annual performance evaluation, they can get a maximum reward of 60,000 yuan. Human resources service institutions help private enterprises in our city to introduce full-time college graduates, and sign labor contracts for more than one year and pay social security for more than six months, and they can get a maximum of 20,000 yuan per person.

Reporter:Wenzhou has released a new talent policy before.40Article, that this time this "510What are the new features of the plan?

Hu Yongfeng, Deputy Director of Organization Department of Wenzhou Municipal Committee:In August this year, in order to further implement the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee’s Decision on Building a High-quality and Powerful Talent Team to Build a High-level Innovative Province and the Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee’s Opinions on Fully Implementing the Innovation-driven Development Strategy to Accelerate the Construction of an Innovative City, we made an iterative upgrade to the "New Deal for Talents", giving innovative talents a comprehensive reward of 150,000-20 million yuan, six projects of 10 million yuan for entrepreneurial talents and 500,000-30 million yuan for high-level innovative teams.

This month, in order to thoroughly implement the central government’s decision-making arrangements of "six stabilities" and "six guarantees" and the deployment requirements of Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government of "Millions of talents gather in Wenzhou", seize the opportunity period and window period of college graduates’ employment and entrepreneurship under the influence of the current epidemic situation, and attract more college graduates to stay in Wenzhou for employment and entrepreneurship, we have launched the "510 Plan" to tackle key problems and formulated special policies.

It can be understood that Article 40 of the New Deal for Talents is a general program, a long-term policy, and the basis for the formulation and implementation of the special policy of the "510 Plan", which is an entry and an upgrade and extension of Article 40 of the New Deal for Talents in terms of college graduates. Therefore, the biggest new feature of the "510 Plan" is to accurately focus on the employment and entrepreneurship problems under the influence of the epidemic, accurately serve the college graduates, and accurately combine and enhance the types of policies and cash.

Reporter:This time we launched "510How will the ten subsidies of the Plan ensure that all kinds of talents and relevant institutions will be paid in place after applying?

Hu Yongfeng, Deputy Director of Organization Department of Wenzhou Municipal Committee:This time, all kinds of subsidies we have formulated are highly targeted. Of the 10 types of subsidy projects launched, 8 are directly subsidized to individuals. At present, the city has arranged 1 billion yuan of bonus funds to ensure that the majority of college graduates can get tangible benefits. At the same time, we adhere to the service concept of "the highest priority, the most convenient and the warmest", develop and launch the "Wenzhou talent cloud service platform", seamlessly connect the Zhejiang government service network and the Wenzhou industrial policy to realize the "one-click login" for all talents and "one-stop completion" for all policies.

Today, there is a QR code on the front page of the brochure sent to you on the spot. You can log in by scanning it. The whole process of "online running", especially the audit content such as social security payment, all directly calls big data, and the subsidy is directly sent to the applicant’s "citizen card" account, realizing "no need to run at one time".

Take the employment subsidy as an example. College graduates can apply after paying social security for one month. The first subsidy will be automatically transferred to the "citizen card" account within three working days after the approval, and all subsequent subsidies will be paid intelligently.