Leading the members representing youth values to offer advice and suggestions to make young people grow up with ideals and responsibilities.

  [2018 Special Report of the National People’s Congress and the New Era of Youth Achievement]

  Beijing, March 11th (Reporter Liang Xili) The new era and new changes have brought new changes to the values of youth groups. What values young people hold and what they practice will determine the value orientation of China society in the future.

  Only when the younger generation has ideals and responsibilities can the country have a future and the nation have hope.

  Focusing on the values of youth, the two sessions of the representative Committee made suggestions.

  At this year’s two sessions, many deputies mentioned their concern and guidance for youth values. There are also many youth deputies who have presented themselves to set an example for the choice of youth values.

  In the tide of "double innovation", the excellent stage for realizing dreams also embodies infinite hardships. In the face of difficulties, we believe in the concept of continuing to forge ahead or retreating conservatively, and test the value judgment of young people.

  At the third press conference of the 13th session of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Liu Qiangdong, a CPPCC member and entrepreneur, summed up his 10-year entrepreneurial history in four words when asked by the media: persistence. For young entrepreneurs, Liu Qiangdong speaks from the bottom of his heart: Successful entrepreneurs should be able to persist in the dark.

  Wang Mengmeng, a deputy to the National People’s Congress and a college student village official, has a bumpy road to rural entrepreneurship, which is the courage to face difficulties, the unwillingness to meet failure and the dream of rural revitalization, which makes her gain great joy and gain. Know the technology and fail to raise seedlings; Unsupported and full of doubts; Insufficient funds, do it yourself … … She talked about the initial understatement: "I thought about giving up, but I was not willing." "There are too many difficulties on the road to starting a business. It’s good to cry, but I have to rush to meet the difficulties." The wish of "we must use what we have learned and what we have seen to bring new ways to play in the countryside" is plain and firm.

  "Buddhist youth" has become popular among young people. Apart from joking tone, it is an emotional expression of great pressure on the operation of modern society and a "whatever" attitude. "Buddhism" is popular, do you want the background of youth struggle?

  Wang Xiaochuan, a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and an entrepreneur, said in an interview with the media that "it is desirable not to complain in the face of setbacks, but young people need to struggle". In the view of Zhang Yiwu, a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and a professor of Chinese Department in Peking University, the "Buddhism Department" has some negative effects, but at the same time, it should also help young people find their spirit of struggle. In his view, "Buddhism" should be used to adjust the mind, but we should also face the reality and continue to struggle.

  Master Xue Cheng, member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and president of the Chinese Buddhist Association, said in an interview that escape is not the way, and you can say "whatever you want", but all kinds of practical problems must be faced and life responsibilities must be borne.

  Jing Bo, deputy to the National People’s Congress and vice president of the Buddhist Association of China, summed up the four "no" words of "Buddhism": letting go is not giving up, you can’t just follow the fate, harmony is not smooth, and responsibility is not a burden.

  Escort the hero’s reputation right in the name of "law" and point out right and wrong for the patriotic values of young people.

  During the two sessions this year, when Zhou Qiang, President of the Supreme People’s Court made a report on the Supreme People’s Court’s work, he commented on the series of cases of the reputation right of "Five Strong Men of Langyashan" which was hotly debated by the society, saying that we should resolutely safeguard the heroic image in order to vigorously carry forward the socialist core values.

  The youth values are internalized and guided by the banner of the youth league organization.

  Youth groups should uphold and practice correct and positive values, not only by individual persistent learning and understanding, but also by the tempering of long-term education and training organized by the party group. ?

  Be good and be a good youth in China. "Strive to be a good young man" is a key activity of the Communist Youth League to guide young people to cultivate and practice socialist core values.

  Since 2014, the whole group has selected 100 "National Good Youth" in five categories at different levels every year, and set up a youth sharing group to carry out more than 490 face-to-face exchange and sharing activities in various places. "Good Youth in China" is made into a TV program with its representative figures to guide young people to strive for progress, respect morality and be good.

  Marriage and love don’t "look at the face", look at the values first. Combining youth marriage and core values closely, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League launched the solicitation activity of "Youth has an appointment" youth marriage and dating project, combining serving the needs of youth with leading young people to practice socialist core values, helping young people solve practical problems of dating, spouse selection and marriage, while strengthening youth’s awareness of respect, honesty and responsibility for emotional life, and strengthening education and guidance on youth’s views on marriage and family.

  "Big documents" are transformed into "small products" and "big truths" are translated into "small stories". The cartoon Learn from the General Secretary, the animation interpretation of the Nineteenth Knowledge Points, the H5 form of the Nineteenth Learning Pocket Book, the vertical video Youth, the General Secretary wants to talk to you, the "Embracing the New Era" Nineteen answering questions and small programs, and the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League launched a series of cultural products, which led to the upsurge of "youth learning".

  "Global vision, China’s position, feelings of home and country". Since 2015, the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League has created a brand video column "Youth Online Open Class", and invited outstanding scholars such as Zhang Weiwei, Jin Canrong and Li Xiguang to teach young people closely related to important theoretical issues in the ideological field, pay attention to social hotspots, face up to young people’s confusion, and unite Chinese forces that are confident, self-reliant and self-reliant. At present, the network clicks of the whole series of videos have reached more than one billion times.

  Tradition is transformed into novelty with youth words, and traditional values are internalized in the heart and externalized in the form. The adolescent talk show "Don’t Go After School" directed by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League embraces mainstream values, talks about "after 00" and expresses and conveys mainstream values in a more relaxed way.

  Climbing high and looking far has a long way to go. China’s future lies in the youth, and the foundation of youth’s success lies in the establishment of values. Only under the guidance of correct values can young people grow into a generation with knowledge, ideals and responsibility, and truly shoulder the heavy responsibility of the times.