The premiere of Zhang Yimou’s new work ended, and the audience added seats at the performance site.

1905 movie network news On the evening of June 14th, the second season premiere of Dialogue Fable 2047, a brand-new concept performance directed by Zhang Yimou, ended at the National Grand Theatre. The three-day premiere attracted nearly 6,000 audiences and was packed. The performance was a combination of traditional folk culture and science and technology, which conveyed the thinking on the relationship between people and science and technology and won unanimous praise from the audience. It is reported that the performance will start a national tour in July. 

The premiere was full, and Chen Daoming was added to the theater to support the concept performance, which was well received.

In fact, as early as last year, when Dialogue Fable 2047 premiered in the first season, there was a grand occasion of "one ticket is hard to find", and this year is also the case. The three-day performance was full, and the Opera House of the National Centre for the Performing Arts was packed. On the 14th, there was an extra seat on the spot. This shows the popularity of the performance. Some netizens even quipped: tickets for performances are harder to grab than tickets for the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games.

During the premiere, Chen Daoming, the actor, Li Jing, the host, and other stars also attended the performance, and all of them spoke highly of the performance. Not only that, his wife Chen Ting also appeared in the audience, and his eldest son Zhang Yinan also went to the scene to support his father’s new work and cheer for his father. It is worth mentioning that from the first season premiere of Dialogue Fable 2047 last year, to the Shanghai tour, and then to the three premieres in the second season of this year, Chen Ting attended to help out. With the support of her family, I believe it has also added momentum to Zhang Dao’s continuous creation.

After the performance, Zhang Yimou talked about the source of creation: technology is a double-edged sword.

After the premiere, Zhang Yimou made a curtain call, and the audience applauded constantly. In the interview session, Zhang Yimou expounded the production concept of some programs: in Ping Pong Ball, the children were originally exercising. When technology invaded the children’s space, the children stopped exercising and sat on the ground to watch, indicating that their childhood was being invaded by more and more high technologies; The unit program "Chanzi Dyeing" tells the present situation that modern people enjoy the convenience brought by mobile phones with wooden drum trumpets, ice screen projection and modern dance, but the "low-headed family" also has various security risks.

"While people continue to use technology to promote their own development and push their own pace, they have also been balancing this relationship." Zhang Yimou’s implication is that technology is a double-edged sword, and this performance is made in the hope that more people can realize this, which is the creative source of Dialogue Fable 2047. The effect of the performance also really hit the pain points of the audience. Some viewers said on the social platform: After reading it, they began to re-examine their relationship with the mobile phone.


Zhang Yimou believes that his ability to protect culture is limited. Dialogue Fable 2047 started its tour in July.

In the interview after the performance, Zhang Yimou praised the DOBOT cross-border team of China’s science and technology team in this performance, and said with confidence that "our science and technology team in China will not lose anywhere in the world". When a reporter asked how to maintain the public’s discussion and concern about traditional art after the performance, Zhang Yimou said frankly: The protection of intangible cultural heritage and cultural inheritance, cultural self-confidence and cultural promotion are a grand goal, and what we can do is very limited. In the interview, Zhang Yimou especially thanked the producer of this performance, SAIC-GM Buick brand, and it was the energy of Buick brand that contributed to the birth of this performance.