Suqian traffic police strengthen scientific and technological empowerment to help speed up and improve traffic accident handling.

  In order to further deepen the "streamline administration, delegate power, strengthen regulation and improve services" reform of public security, according to the deployment requirements of the top ten actions of Suqian Public Security Traffic Management and People’s Livelihood in 2022, Suqian traffic police carefully planned and vigorously attacked the difficulties, further promoted the upgrading of traffic accident handling efficiency, and made every effort to create a new bright spot and brand for road traffic accident handling.

  On November 9, the reporter learned from the traffic police department of Suqian City that this year, in order to fully implement the "mutual compensation" and online remote liability determination for financial loss accidents, guide the parties to negotiate and handle the traffic accidents themselves, settle the traffic accidents at the "palm" and resolve the accident disputes at the "fingertips", Suqian traffic police and PICC Suqian Branch jointly developed a road traffic accident "accommodation and compensation" system to realize remote one-click evidence collection and online liability determination for traffic accidents. The masses only need to initiate a remote processing application at the scene of a traffic accident. After receiving the application, the police will guide the masses to take photos and collect evidence through video calls. Mediation and claim settlement personnel will conduct remote mediation and online loss settlement through the system, so that the whole process of accident handling can be handled online without meeting, providing the masses with more convenient, efficient, standardized and transparent accident handling and insurance claim settlement services. At the end of August this year, the "lodging compensation" system was officially put into operation, and 366 traffic accidents have been handled remotely.

  "We are the Suqian traffic police drone team. At present, the traffic accident is handled by drones. Please ask the drivers of both sides to look up at the drones and identify the collision site … …” During the rush hour on the evening of October 31, Ding Ding, a policeman of the accident handling brigade of the traffic police detachment of Suqian Public Security Bureau, was exploring the scene of a minor personal injury accident through a drone.

  In order to implement the modern policing concept of paying more attention to people’s livelihood, improve the efficiency of accident scene investigation and solve the problem of time spent on police, Suqian traffic police began to use drones to investigate the scene of minor personal injury accidents since February this year. All minor personal injury accidents in urban areas no longer need accident handling police to go back and forth for on-site investigation. It takes 1 minute to arrive at the scene, 3 minutes to inspect the scene and 5 minutes to evacuate the scene through drones, which can realize quick investigation and quick evacuation of minor personal injury accidents, and reduce the speed of police dispatch. Up to now, drones have been used to investigate more than 900 traffic accidents with minor injuries, and the speed of police dispatch has increased by 29.6% and the satisfaction of the masses has increased by 32.8%.

  "I didn’t expect this life-saving money to be applied for so soon, thank you, comrade traffic police!" On June 30, 2022, Wu Mou was driving an electric bicycle and had a traffic accident with an electric tricycle with unknown license plate, which caused Wu Mou to be in a coma, and the perpetrators fled by car on the spot. During his stay in hospital, Wu Mou’s relatives applied for the road rescue fund online through "Sujiutong". After only 3 or 4 minutes, the hospital received nearly 30,000 yuan in rescue expenses, and Wu Mou’s relatives thanked him again and again.

  At the beginning of this year, Suqian Public Security Traffic Police Department, together with Zijin Insurance and Weijian Department, jointly developed a cloud application platform for road traffic accident social assistance fund — "Sujiutong", the platform effectively integrates departmental data and high-quality medical resources, breaks through departmental barriers, and realizes the whole process of application, approval, advance payment and recovery of rescue funds. The parties only need to open the "Sujiutong" WeChat applet, and after submitting the relevant materials and information, they can complete the advance payment within the shortest 5 minutes, which greatly improves the advance payment efficiency of the rescue fund and the treatment level of the accident victims, and maximizes the timely treatment of the injured. At the end of June, the "Sujiutong" cloud application platform was officially put into operation. Up to now, "Sujiutong" has accepted 452 applications from the masses, with an advance payment of more than 12 million yuan.

  (Source: Jiangsu Radio and Television Suqian Central Station/Xu Xu Wang Zhenjie Correspondent/Zhang Quanquan Editor/Zhang Quanquan)